26th Jan 2013, 14:07

Hi, hope you still like/have the car. A few questions for you about problems with these cars I've heard of, and I want to know about before buying one... Have you had any suspension issues?

I've read that the knuckles in the sway-bar links commonly go out, and that they don't have the greasable fittings on them either.

Suspension problems seem to cause various noises from the front and rear end. Also, some of these cars are rumored to literally eat tires. I've heard a few stories about people getting as little as 12,000 miles out of a set with a 75,000 mile warranty.

Here's the bad part: in some cases, only the inside of the tire is worn (outside still nearly perfect); in other cases, it's the reverse.

Yes, of course, it needs an alignment and front end job... NOPE! Every complaint I've seen, the people take the car in every few thousand miles for this work, and the alignment and suspension is always "fine." I don't know what causes this, and wonder if you've experienced it at all.

Finally... what was your last vehicle? No Ford Ranger ever had 210 HP from the factory. The biggest engine in them (the 4.0L V6) had around 165 HP. That's a rare engine too. Usually it has the 2.3 (or is it a 2.2?) with no power at all, or maybe the 3.0L. But even the 4.0L didn't have over 170 HP... ever.

(I'll be posting this general comment on a few of these reviews in hopes of getting feedback.... I'm not just saying the same thing to everyone meaninglessly. I'm hoping to get a response from someone). :)

23rd Feb 2017, 23:48

I purchased my Ford Focus new in 2008 and have approximately 65K miles on it. Overall it has performed better than expected for a low cost vehicle. However you are right concerning the tires. My car is used mostly for short city commuting and I am on my third set of tires. The first two sets were Pirelli tires. They did not hold up very well and wore out quickly (mileage wise). I switched to another brand to see if it was the tires or the vehicle. Only time will tell.