18th Jul 2002, 15:41

I'm glad you like your ST too. As an addition to my review, mine seems to be getting a lot smoother and faster as it matures (3600 miles ish at this stage). Interestingly, it is definitely smoother and easier to drive with the ESP turned off. Can't wait until 10000 miles have passed- it should absolutely fly!

3rd Aug 2002, 17:01

I've learnt how to drive in the Focus ST170, my dad got it a couple of days after the new registration plate 02 came out. I love going out in it, the amount of ‘boy racers’ who underestimate the speed it goes are left weeping at the traffic lights. Unfortunately it goes back in 2 months, it’s only a demonstrator. I will be very sad to see it go. Glad to see there are a lot of positive reviews of it. Enjoy.

28th Nov 2002, 15:41

After 3,500 miles mine just keeps getting better, the ESP is superb and allows fast accurate cornering at unbelievable speeds, you can't turn it off!!, but you can reduce the setting for the traction control portion of the system. For me, the car is solid and worth every penny, there have been 3 recalls so far, for minor software ECU updates, but the car is a pleasure. One persistent problem is hesitation at 2,500 revs and a vibrating accelerator pedal, I am currently still waiting for the fixes.

22nd May 2003, 14:16

I have had my ST for a year and am finding that it gets better every day. After 15000 miles the engine is smooth and responsive. It definitely runs better on super unleaded, the increased economy on motorway runs easily outweighs the extra cost. My only gripe is that the interior has more rattles than Mother-care, but I have managed to sort most of them. The dealership have been pretty useless and I have found it easier to track them down myself.

Great car, waiting for a superchip!!

25th Aug 2003, 11:19

Rubbish. My 2003 ST 170 has poor handling and against the clio and type R it is poor. I am changing it for a type S, its about the same performance and far less to buy, with a better build quality.

25th Nov 2003, 06:37

I posted this review in the first flushes of joy... Unfortunately my experience of the ST170 was sullied by the car's appalling build quality (I reckon I got a Friday car), but after faults with the brakes, throttle cable routing, hesitation at certain revs (never really cured by software upgrades), and general rattles creaks and thumps, I was ready to give up on it. All this was compounded by the fact that the car was dull to drive in everyday conditions. I still loved it when screaming along, but how often can you do that these days? Selling it and losing a large chunk of money was the final insult- I've gone back to a Fiesta Zetec-s, which is fun day in, day out, reliable and I don't mind the odd rattle, because you can find them and cure them, and also the car cost 9K new not 17K!

1st Sep 2004, 08:30

I bought my st170 1 month ago very pleased With it. drove to Italy what a drive (beast).

6th Nov 2005, 04:06

Top speed is 130, speedo inaccurate.

16th Jun 2006, 06:33

Top speed in a standard ST 170 I'd say is more like 142 MPH as this is the speed I had registered on my New Road Angel. The car speedo is approx 6 to 10 MPH out dependent on the speed you are going (i.e. if you're going 16 MPH on the car speedo you're more likely to be doing 10 MPH).

All in all the ST 170 is a beast, and I'd say it has much the same handling as the new Focus ST 3.

6th Aug 2006, 08:11

I am looking to, but a st170..from all your comments it sounds great...

22nd Nov 2007, 11:21

I've had my ST170 since February 2005. I love the car to bits! The handling, the general ride, everything! Although blokes don't seem to like a girl driving these cars (joke). Never had problems with the interior; it is kept very clean, with no squeaks or rattles. Same with the outside, although it is slightly modified. I would advise NOT changing from a panel filter to a cone filter if you into modding; not worth the hassle. Good petrol consumption is not to be if you stick to speed limits; drive it like you stole it, and your money will have burnt a hole in your pocket!

I have required a new VVT sensor and a new coil pack...but still have a hesitation at about 2000-3000 revs (only in the cold on start up).

Overall - a good car.


8th Dec 2007, 09:02

I've had 2 ST170s, the first one had so many problems with it, I got my money back of the garage that sold me it. It put me off for a while until I went out in a mate's one, so I went out and got another one. Don't get me wrong, they are good cars, but they do have some bad bits wrong with them. Nothing major; throttle cables need re routing, vibrates on pedal, rear hub bearings suffer bad, a whirring noise at the rear, management lights come on, this is the lambda sensors.

Mine's an 02 in silver, with 5 doors. I'm very happy with this one so far.

22nd May 2008, 14:39

May 2008. I got my ST 170 august 2007 and I love it. I had a Vectra V6 before, and I can say the handling in the Focus is better. It does seem to be a lot better at high revs. and runs a lot better on super unleaded. Good fun.

28th Aug 2008, 12:43

Had a 54 plate ST170 for 6 months and what a disappointment, the car was full of rattles, poor performance unless you drive like a mad man everywhere, heat shields corroding and coming loose on the cat and exhaust manifold, engine management light coming on for lambda sensor and inlet manifold control.

Took a huge huge hit in depreciation when I traded it in, no way as good as my previous 1.6 Zetec Focus.

11th Nov 2008, 14:22

I'm building a 2.0i Zetec with High-Lift cams, Vernier pulleys, big induction and exhaust system, then I'll top it all of by getting it chipped! The Zetec and the Duratec are identical apart from a posh head so what do you think? I've already fitted Mintex Discs and Pads all round! Will it be an St Beater? I'll keep you posted! Jonny.