3rd Nov 2004, 09:25

This is the worst car ever. Let see where I should start. It has been recalled by Ford 4 times. My keys have been stuck in the ignition twice. One time it happen in the bay of the Circuit City and had to be towed out. How embarassing! Not to mention that the reason why the car was at Circuit City was because of faulty wiring, that had fried my alarm. The faulty wiring also caused the tail lights to stop working! And now to top off everything my heat has stopped working! Hello it is the beginning of winter! I wouldn't wish this car on my worse enemy!

18th Jan 2005, 21:16


"I wouldn't recommend this car to Bin Laden" jokes.

Sorry to tell ya folks.. the Focus is the MOST recalled car EVER to be built.

16th Dec 2005, 09:20

My Ford Contour had 18 recalls, that car was junk, heck Ford is junk.

26th Dec 2005, 20:49

I agree! I have refused to buy Ford for many years knowing how many problems they have being made cheaply and such. But a few years ago I didn't have a choice, my Chevy Camaro was vandalized and I needed a new car Asap. The 2002 Ford Focus was the only one I could afford at the time. Big Mistake. On Christmas day I was stranded with my 3 yr old daughter because my key wouldn't turn in the ignition. Had it towed to Ford. They knew what it was without even looking. I asked if it happened often he said ALL the time. Even though I am a devoted American I am now being forced to buy foreign, at least they can provide a well built long lasting vehicle.

27th Dec 2005, 10:54

Yup, had the same experience. Right before I sold the car (was forced to due to its horrible reliability) ignition broke in a parking lot. Tow truck driver that arrived said that was the fifth one he had seen that month.

I guess it was telling when TWO Ford dealers near me shut down. Probably couldn't handle all the complaints.

27th Dec 2005, 15:39

Not sure bin Laden would want an American car???!

4th Jan 2006, 12:29

We bought a 2004 Ford Focus LX this last August since then the key wouldn't move in the ignition. Now it won't start, everything is locked up on it and you can hear the fuel pump. It's terrible on the road in wintertime also. Does anyone know what this problem is??? I feel we really got ripped off from the ford dealer.