27th Dec 2004, 17:25

Hi I have just recently received a 2000 Ford Focus and everything was fine. But about maybe 1 week ago I have had a problem or several problems. One day (Wednesday) after getting gas at a gas station and feeling it up with gas, and after making some errands and half way home the gas guage went from full to empty in one second and the fuel light came on. (AND I HAD JUST GOT SOME GAS) I made it home, though. The (Thursday) next day it would still crank and was still drivable. Well the next day (Friday) the car wouldn't even crank. And Saturday it would crank and then everything was OK until it was taken for a drive; it did the same thing again, but not only that the airbag light came on for no reason. It still cranks, but this is crazy. No one knows what can be wrong with this piece of junk. If anyone knows what could be wrong please help a girl out and give me some info. PLEASE! Stacie- MS.

28th Dec 2004, 22:36

I am so discouraged with my Focus... many "minor" repairs over the two years I've owned it... now it appears I am only running on two cylinders (the car, I mean)...at any rate, I have purchased my last four vehicles from the same dealer and will pray they can get me a good deal on a used Toyota, as I am done with Fords! Hum... it appears husband was offering prophecy when he said... FORD stands for found on road dead... best of luck to all with Focus...

16th Jan 2005, 14:49

My Focus 1.6 Zetec (2000 model) has also been back to my dealer on two occasions to date, once again for the leak which seems to be linked to the air inlet/pollen filter not being sealed correctly against the front windscreen. Having always purchased new Fords without any problems at all my confidence has really been dented.

This morning the car had 2 inches of water slushing around the front passenger foot well.

It'll be going back to my local Ford dealer again. A tip is never park the car facing downhill, otherwise you may wake up with a pool in your car.

24th Mar 2005, 10:12

I bought my 2000 Focus ZX3 in July of 2000. It will be paid off in August of this year and I am afraid it may not make it through the term of the loan. I was really looking forward to not making monthly payments. To date, I have experienced the following problems:

-Bad ignition tumbler left me stranded at a gas station (covered by recall) ;

-Bad right, rear hub bearing which almost led to my wheel coming off during operation (covered by warranty) ;

-Bad fuel pump caused car to conch out while accelerating during right-hand turns (covered by recall) ;

-My headlights refuse to both point directly straight and the right headlight burns out at least annually;

-Brakes wear out quickly. There is a perpetual squeak. Rotors for these cars cannot be turned and must be replaced (which set me back $300 per incident (2) )

-And NOW (as the car is in the shop AGAIN,) I have oil that is leaking from the engine causing lots of stink through the vents, smoke under the hood, and who knows what other damage. I am waiting for the mechanic to call me back with the bad news.

I have also added my name to the class-action law suit regarding the premature degeneration of the brakes on the 2000/2001 Focus.

I'm telling you, I love my car and have tried to justify keeping it often, but I think I might go with a Matrix when this is paid for. My $.02.

6th Jun 2005, 17:16

I have a Focus Ghia Saloon. I bought it second hand about eight months ago, and have recently started to notice that the rear footwell on the passenger's side (UK) is absolutely sodden when it has rained.

I have sat inside the car, run a hosepipe into it and for the life of me I cannot see where the water is getting in. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

30th Aug 2005, 12:25

2004 SVT Focus-

This car is just over one year old, bought in July 2004, and so far I've had to bring it in for warranty service for the following:

-High beam switch broken, had to be replaced

-Passenger heated seat button broken, had to be replaced

-Front suspension 'creaking' noise, several major front end parts replaced

-Exhaust hangar broke, had to be replaced

-A lot of water leaking into passenger floorboard, was fixed once last week and leaked heavily again two days later. Going back to service tomorrow (Aug 31,2005) to hopefully get this fixed right

I will give Ford some credit for their service, I had pretty good experiences with the three different dealerships I've had the warranty work done at (my job has me relocating often) - the service people were always very professional and friendly, etc. But it is ridiculous that a car goes through this many repairs in it's first year of being driven, I cannot go two months without having to get warranty service, and I take good care of the car. This is definitely not why I bought a new vehicle. I have another 4 years of payments on this car and I do not have much faith in this car's reliability.

Has anyone gotten the water leakage problem resolved 100%???

16th Oct 2005, 18:34

I like many of you have a 2000 Ford Focus. I really do love my car - when it works. I have 66K on my vehicle, and can relate to many of your problems; the most recent being the leaking of water on the floorboard of the passenger side of the car. I was also told that it could possibly be the heater core, but no anti-freeze is coming through, only water. My recommendation to all of you is to send your complaints to nhtsa.gov, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, because they are the ones that make these companies do recalls. Good luck!

Tricia in Utah.

17th Oct 2005, 07:20

2000 1.6 Zetec (UK) 5dr, 119,000 miles and not a single fault to its name. No water leaks or any other problems.

100,000 mile service was expensive though (timing belt and valve clearances). After this much faithful service though I didn't begrudge spending the money too much.

Still drives nicely too.

31st Oct 2005, 11:10

I am not a Ford competitor - unfortunately!! But a poor owner of 2 1/2 year old Focus. I am getting very frustrated with still having water leaking into the passenger foot well after it has been back to the service department twice to be supposedly fixed - suspected pollen filter seal problem. It is booked in, yet again, this time into the body shop to see if they can diagnose the problem once and for all - however, there is the risk that I may have to foot the bill if it is found to be some cause other than the pollen filter seal. I'll let you know how I get on.

9th Nov 2005, 11:01

I am a owner of a 2000 Focus Z-Tec and have recently noticed a pool of water appearing in the rear drivers side foot-well, which sounds unusual as most people's comments are about the passenger side front foot-well? It has only really started happening since the weather turned and we got more rain, I was wondering if anyone else has had this sort of problem and if its the same source as the front passenger foot-well that everyone seems to be mentioning?