30th Jul 2007, 06:00

I've had nothing of the problems you describe. I had a 99, a 02 and I'm now on a near new 06 model. What has gone wrong on these cars; next to nothing I'd say. But the 99 had bad paintwork and was starting to rust inside the doors after few years, but I traded after 3 years. Nothing mechanically though.

The 02 was real good, nothing wrong and not a single rattle anywhere and built quality on the 02 was better than the 99.

The 06 is an all new car model, and has so far been equally good as the 02. It's more up-market than the previous generation Focus. I'm driving this car to 09/10 and I'll do a trade in. Best cars I'd ever had.

Yes, the brakes are a little loud on these cars, but that's about it.

25th Aug 2007, 04:28

I have a 2003 Focus and am experiencing flooding in the passenger side footwell; at one stage it was about 2 inches!

I took it to a Ford garage and they shrugged me off, saying it's not done there and I need a body shop. They quoted me £105.00 just to determine where the leak is coming from. So I left there and found the web; it seems loads of people are having trouble with a leaky Ford! And almost all of the results are about the pollen filter.

Is it worth just changing it and hoping for the best? As that is so much cheaper than paying an idiot to stand with a hose for an hour, who gets paid £105 for doing it.

Has anyone encountered this and had it fixed, but it turned out to be something other than the pollen filter?


14th Oct 2007, 16:06

I have Focus 1.8 Ghia, 2002. For a change I have a leak in the driver's side foot well. It's not water; looks like a few drops of oil. It is near the clutch pedal. It is brown light color. Do I have to worry about this? Has anyone heard about this problem.

Help. Greg.

15th Oct 2007, 14:43

It is clutch master cylinder.

15th Nov 2007, 13:44

Well, I just bought a 2000 Ford Focus with 84K. It has fairly low miles and the car is in great shape and it looks new. I even ran a Carfax on it and everything checked out. I test drove it and really liked how it handled and felt. Then last night I drove it home during the first decent rainstorm we have had here in East Tennessee since the spring and guess what? I tried to trace the problem in the dark when I got home and it seemed the water was coming from whatever you call the cover over the pollen filter.

I have called the Ford dealership and they put me through to Parts. The fellow I talked to didn't know anything about a "pollen filter" or a cover for it. I described it to him and he called it a "cowl". He said he could order one, but he couldn't say if it had been modified to correct the problem. Right around $70 and it might not help things. Guess I'll look for some sealant. Just wondering, can anyone tell me the proper technical name for the part I'm referring to?


28th Nov 2007, 21:12

I had the water on the passenger floor board problem 4-5 years ago on my 2000 Ford Focus. The problem was "fixed" under warranty. However, after heavy rain last week, I found a puddle on the floorboard again and the car had been parked all morning.

After checking with a glass company to rule out the possibility of a windshield leak, it was off to a body shop today. What they found was a part that had been replaced with a piece of plastic, duct taped in place. The plastic has aged and had cracked, allowing the rain to come in through the fresh air vents.

After reading all of the prior comments about the pollen filter, I believe the dealership that "fixed" the original problem, replaced the filter with a makeshift one! I'll be taking that up with them.

17th Dec 2007, 09:36

I have a 2002 Ford Focus, and have the same problem with water in front right passenger floor area after a heavy rain that many have that post here.

I have had the right passenger side cowl grille panel off once before.

Can those that have fixed it tell me exactly what they used and perhaps where they got it?


21st Jan 2008, 17:39

My daughter has a 2000 Ford Focus, just had the ignition switch fixed for the 2nd time in less than two years. Brakes replaced 3 times, 3 sets of tires replaced, leaking on passenger floorboard and cannot find the leak and now the airbag light has come on. This car has less than 80,000 miles on it!!! Ford should be ashamed.

4th Feb 2008, 22:11

Sorry that the figures from the Ford Technical Service Bulletin did not paste with the rest of the information. Good Luck.


3rd Sep 2008, 05:31

I dunno what to do!!! Mine is leaking. I tried changing the cowl panel - that doesn't work. I've sealed round the thing that holds pollen filter, and it's not coming through the blowers, it's coming down right at the back off the footwell.

I park my car facing downhill with drivers side up on the curb (steering wheel on the right side off car). I dunno what else there is left to do. I might cover the pollen filter completely over with something and see if anything still comes through. I best make sure I don't turn blowers on!

Can anyone help???

13th Sep 2008, 16:06

I have a 2000 Focus here in the UK and bought it about 6 months ago with no problems to date.

However, I drove through a ford last night after going through a flooded area and this morning have found the now-notorious wet passenger footwell! Lots of rain recently though and the car has not been used much.

Thanks for all the postings. I've had a look at the cowl under the wiper and it's well away from the windscreen with remnants of old sealant visible. Stuck down with electrical tape for tonight!! I have had the carpets up and drying with a hair-dryer today (what fun...) and I will try to pick up sealant, cowl and filter tomorrow from my friendly local ford dealer... and DIY it. I'll post my results on here.

Rich, Reading, England.

15th Sep 2008, 03:19

Hi, I live in the UK and have a Y reg Focus, and have been having water in the passenger foot well for a while now. I've just bought a new blower resistor as the water seems to have damaged this, and I've also bought some windscreen sealant. Do I just have to put a bead of this sealant across the bottom of the windscreen to stop the water coming in, or do I need to actually do something with the pollen filter cover. Any help would be much appreciated.



16th Sep 2008, 11:02

I have a 2003 Focus SVT that I purchased used now with 45,000 miles on it. I had to replace the battery and fix the drivers side seat heater in the year that I've owned it. Nothing overly problematic I'd say. Seat heaters burn out eventually. The brakes look like new and everything works as it should. I got the detailed history using the vin # from the dealer and found a rear hatch lock replaced, shifter cable replaced, and rear spring shields replaced all under warranty before I bought it. I don't think any of those things are a major hassle. It would be great if all cars never broke down, fact is all cars do, even Lexus, Honda, and other Japanese cars. As long as it continues to run and doesn't strand you, some problems should just be considered what they are, a nuisance. So let's all take a deep breath and relax a little!