20th Jul 2010, 15:34

My family car is a 1.6 TDCi Ghia 55 reg C-Max, and the alternator failed. I diagnosed it myself after putting the warning into a search on the Internet. I had the car booked in to a Ford dealer, and that very same morning I was dropping my children off to the childminders, when it wouldn't start again. A kind RAC man turned up, and I told him what I knew and he confirmed it - the alternator was dead - hence no power and the EPS failure. (I am female) - The RAC man was quite shocked that I knew what was wrong with the car, as he didn't think females knew a lot about cars - what did he know, I did. He kindly hooked up his battery and fed it through the window, and he followed the 3 miles to the Ford garage that it was booked into. It came out fixed - well that's what we thought!

Just before Christmas last year, the turbo went. The car had done approx 55k - it cost a small fortune as the first turbo that was put on blew, so we had to have that replaced.

We like the car, as it has everything you could possibly ask for - but now we have another warning - Engine Failure System - and after researching again, I think this is something to do with the oil again! As this was what happened when the turbo went in for fixing. So another cost, which I could do without - hopefully it won't be as expensive as I am imagining, but who knows until it has been diagnosed?!

6th Oct 2010, 09:19

I have owned a C-Max Ghia Ultima for just over 5 years and have done over 165000 miles in it.

I am a mechanic, so I have managed to keep it on the road myself without having to take it to a to dealer.

The rear brakes have always been a problem, the EPB has just started failing, the rear suspension bushes are all shot and are a real pain to change. I have just put a new clutch in, which was a very expensive part.

You name the fault, I have had it, but I have still enjoyed driving the car.

2nd Nov 2010, 04:06

I have owned my Ford C-Max 2.0 ltr TDCI for 4 years now. I bought it used (53 plate) and have enjoyed every second of it. It is great to drive, roomy, brilliant specs all round, and the torque makes it very quick for its size.

However, again I have had a few problems. The alternator failed at 60k (seems to be common) and I have had a squeaky wheel for ages now. New brake discs, pads, wheel hub has not fixed the issue. When new brakes were fitted it stopped for 2 weeks. Then the squeak came back, I had the brakes cleaned, 2 weeks later the squeak came back.

It is annoying at the least and I really need to know how to stop this squeak (squeak always stops when brakes are applied... go figure?).

26th Jan 2011, 08:01

On my second C Max now 2.0 TDCi Ghia, and love the car. Got rid of my first one because of power steering problems. It started to stick when steering (scary).

Alternator went at 50k.

Now on an 06 plate with 40k on the clock, and had to replace EGR valve (under warranty), but now the alternator has gone on this one. Battery light came on with a whirring noise when you rev, and the alternator stinks of burning. Got a replacement for £85. Happy Days!

31st Mar 2011, 16:49

Change the air filter every 5000, and you should get 35+ mpg.

10th Jun 2011, 10:47

My C Max Ghia 1.8 is really nice to drive, has a good sized boot and is a good family car, BUT I have spent lots of money on it over the last few years, and it's now only done 60,000 miles!

Numerous brake pads, alternator has been replaced and the battery (£550 to repair), which went at about 45,000.

The power steering failed whilst driving it due to the alternator.

The boot kept popping open whilst driving it, so even a small journey took ages as you had to keep stopping and shutting the boot, and it would open again about 10 metres down the road.

The EPB has now gone (£1,200 to repair), and also the under seat 6 CD changer (£300 to repair). I am fed up with paying out on this car. I have always bought Fords, but NEVER again.

10th Jul 2011, 13:26

Hi, like you, I also have a C Max 54 plate 2.0 TDCi with power steering that seems to stick, and you are right, it is scary. What was the problem that caused this to happen? When I took it to my Ford dealer, surprise surprise, they couldn't find any problem, and help would be greatly appreciated.

15th Jul 2011, 18:22

Owned 54 2.0L TDCi since new, and initially thought it was great! However like others, the problems started and keep coming. From new the car needed a rear quarter light that leaked water into the boot.

Had replacement front pads and discs because they had "warped", changed by Ford under warranty, great, the problem was fixed, or hidden for a while! Problem re-emerged in 2008 and has been on going since. New bearings, pads, discs, hub and caliper have not cured the brake judder on the front end, whilst under braking. Now waiting for a "Ford specialist" team to have look, can't wait!

Coolant leak from water pump, held off for now with rad seal. Air conditioning does not work any longer, not so much of a problem here in the UK! And finally the alternator packed up beginning of last week, yet more money!

If you have one, good luck :)

14th Aug 2012, 14:15

I have just bought a C-Max, and a friend of mine who is a mechanic told me that when the turbo goes, it leaves carbon deposits in the engine, and the only way to help is to change the oil every 1000 miles with a new filter 5 times, or as much as is needed to get rid of the carbon. Hope this is a help.

31st Jan 2015, 21:03

Has anyone had a problem with their C-max Ghia 04 repeatedly cutting out when slowing and at junctions, and also saying limited EPB function, which keeps coming up?