25th Mar 2009, 22:22

For the orig and subsequent posters, at what mileage intervals did you change your transmission fluid? It is supposed to be changed every 30k. Please advise, I am curious.


24th May 2011, 08:26

I have had same but worse problems. My torque converter went out twice within less than 2 years of each other; the last time being 3 months ago. Now they say the actual tranny is weakened and on its way out the door; it's just a matter of time for that to happen..

I just dumped 1700 in it in January. Now I'm estimated to have to dump another 2500 into it again, all because the torque converter was replaced twice, and when they do that, they have to tear apart your entire tranny, which resulted in its clutches weakening, which has resulted in the tranny going out, so basically in a nutshell, this is all a direct result from the torque converter defect.

Now just to make it clear, my husband was a Ford mechanic for 5 straight years, and worked at the dealership we bought the van at for all 5 of those years. With that being said, the maintenance on this van is all up to date, and done exactly when needed, always, always, always. Mechanically, this van, while we have owned it, has been kept up to the best of anyone's abilities, right down to timely tire rotations..

The interior and a few things on the body may be less than desirable, but my husband maintains this van regularly, and all the times it's been worked on, it's been done by the Ford dealership that we purchased it from.

In order for so many countless, just hundreds upon hundreds, of different owners to have the exact same problem, it should go without saying this is a huge problem, and has nothing to do with the owners or the care of the van. This is a Ford mistake, that they simply do not want to be responsible for, because if they were to take fault, they would have to recall them, which would result in thousands upon thousands of trannys being fixed and replaced. I can't even imagine what the cost would be, so they just got slapped in 2010 with a class action lawsuit for this issue, and it is expected to have an answer to this problem in the near future. What judge in their right mind would not order a recall on this; it is just a matter of time before it happens, but the real problem is, what the heck to do until then???