22nd Nov 2010, 13:52

I've joined the club too. 2004 Freestar with 75000kms. I've heard that new Jobber trannies hold up better than Ford trannies because of updates to torque converter. Don't buy a new Ford original, because it's still the same converter. Also I'd like to hear how the rebuilds have been working. Getting lots of kms? Or are engine/ trannie just bad mates. Let's hope the NHTSA comes up with something; they've been investigating over a year now.


30th Dec 2011, 23:02

At 103000 kms, the same thing happened like others. Without any warning there were revs, but no acceleration. Again, thank God, we coasted to a safe spot. The torque converter is gone. Ford in Canada is going to hear from me! Is there a class action lawsuit in Canada, because I want to sign up!!

First problem ever in a year and a half of ownership, 27000 kms.

24th Jan 2012, 07:44

Ford has finally recalled the torque converter for 2004-2005 Freestar models. This will be updated at no cost to the owner.

18th Sep 2012, 02:53

Yes, they did. Mine was fixed, at no charge to me, but it still wouldn't go into reverse or first gear. The Ford dealership told me that part of the transmission was not covered. If I would like to, I could purchase a rebuilt transmission for around 3k that might fix it. I bought a Honda Odyssey and I love it. No more Fords for me!

3rd Mar 2015, 01:28

Yes, I too agree. I have six children, and I'm a single mom that can't really afford to buy a transmission for my 2004 Freestar that has went out on me without warning in traffic with my children in the car. I was told by Ford Motor Company there was a recall on the torque converter, which they were suppose to replace. I went to pick the car up and my transmission was still out. They then told me, after paying to put the car on a machine, that the hydraulic something is out in the trans, and I need to pay 3400 for a new one. Hearing from other mechanics, the reason that is bad is because of the torque converter. I truly believe Ford should be helping me with this problem. Someone please help.