2007 Ford Fusion SE I-4 from North America


Ford is turning about!



General Comments:

I spend huge amounts of time in my car (50k+ miles per year) and have loved every minute of it. This car is a wonderful blend of performance and economy--I drive rather quickly but still am getting ~29MPG. The only downside I have seen is that short people have a hard time with the visibility (I don't, but I'm 6' 5").

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Review Date: 10th July, 2008

26th Aug 2008, 17:20

I've driven both the 4 and 6 cylinder Fusions and found the 4 to be a very well built, solid and great performing car. It is faster than the pre-2007 Camry V-6, and much faster than the new Camry 4. Ford definitely has a winner in the Fusion, and they are selling here as fast as dealers can get them in, now that gas is so expensive.

2007 Ford Fusion SE I-4 from North America


I like it



General Comments:

I rented this car last November when I went home for Thanksgiving. At first, they gave me a 07 Chevrolet Malibu, I drove it home - hated it. It sucked. Ugly too. I called Budget and told them I don't like it and want something else. They said they could drive over to my parents' house, but I told them no, I want to see what they have and pick it out. So I went back to the airport and asked for Fusion, if not then Hyundai Sonata. They had the Fusion and it's RED (my favorite color!!). I had the Fusion for a week. I must say, I am very amazed with its interior finish and performance. I totally love it. I THINK I would consider a Fusion next time I ever shop for a car -- that is if my Honda is no longer in good running condition. Speaking of Honda, I am a strictly Honda guy!Fusion is just awesome -- but knowing Ford -- better to wait for 5 years when they start hitting 75k - 100k. Oh, and the key's a bit too big for my pocket since it has keyless remote and the key together.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2008

2007 Ford Fusion SEL 2.3 4 cylinder from North America


Excellent car. Very nice


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

I am a 21 year old guy. This is only my second car. I got so frustrated with my old car, with 294,000 miles on it, I bought it with 262,000 miles, so my parents gave me the down payment on a new trouble free, reliable car. The old car, even though paid for, was costing me about $500 a month in repairs. My payment on my Fusion is only $317 a month with a full warranty till 100,000-miles.

Lesson learned; don’t buy a used old 1992 cheap car for cash, even from your uncle who bought it new and had virtually no problems. A car will get so old and literally just fall apart at some point. You will pay more in repairs and have tons of headaches. A/C compressor, engine mounts-no the car was never “hot rodded”-they just broke, alternator, FWD wheel bearing, Fuel pump, power windows, gas tank, leaky radiator, rotten a/c condenser, burned out LED’s on the rear center stop lamp on top of trunk, and the little nickel and dime repairs just goes on and on as I look at these receipts. The trade in was only $400 so we kept the car, but we don’t drive it much. It still runs and drives great, but what will break next?

Anyway I am getting an average of 26.2 mpg with a combined HWY (half) and city (half). The much heavier Cadillac got 17.2 on the same exact driving.

The headlights are bright at night.

The handling is super and this car will corner like my sister’s newer Mazda Miata.

The engine, even thought much less powerful than the Cadillac, but just a 4cyl, will get up to speed quick and I don’t hesitate to pass slower cars.

The transmission is almost as silky smooth as the Cadillac’s with downshifts being right on time to keep the car up to speed without having to push the gas down.

The steering wheel truns easily in parking lots, but not as nice as the Cadillac.

Wind noisy is very low. The only wind sound starts around 65mph and comes from the mirrors on the doors. You can tell if the window is cracked down a bit. No sound comes from the windshield area, or the roof. Tire road noisy is not a quiet as the Cadillac. My 4cyl Fusion does transmit some engine sound under heavy acceleration at lower speeds. The Cadillac is ultra quiet unless it is at wide open throttle passing someone.

The Fusion is super smart in space and is very comfortable. I’d say that this $22,000 Fusion is just as comfortable as the old Cadillac that cost twice as much in year 1992 dollars.

My interior is super well laid out with a warm and inviting feel and everything is super easy to reach and learn. I really love the steering wheel radio controls. Mine has the warm tanish interior in leather with the rich and luscious red/maroon exterior.

The heater and A/C are fast acting.

If I could improve some stuff about his car, this is what I would do.

Give the car full LED brake lights.

The center front arm rest is too short.

The Fusion needs a diesel, not that my mpg as bad, but instead of 26.2mpg, I’d be getting 30% better than that, which would translate to 34.06mpg. My girlfriend has a Bug diesel that gets 37mpg.

I’d put cornering lamps on the Fusion. The Cadillac got me so spoiled. Cornering lamps make turning into dark driveways so easy and secure. I have excellent eyes, but if you have never owned a car with cornering lamps you won’t understand.

I’d put a digital speedometer on the dash. Digital translates to a quick read when you see that cop up parked in the ditch radaring. No guess work and unneeded panic slamming on the brake.

I really love this car and I hope to drive it for many years to come. I was the first one in my whole town to get one, that I could see, now I see quiet a few Fusions around.

The reason that I marked the dealership service so low is that they are always so busy. I take the car in to the “Quicklane” to have the oil changed and it seems to take a lot longer than the mom and pop shop that I took the Cadillac to.

If you buy a Fusion, get the SEL in dark/red burgundy, with the tan leather, or tan cloth. People constantly tell me how rich the paint looks and how the interior looks so good.

Get the SEL because it has the outside temp display, and automatic headlights just like a Cadillac.

I really love and enjoy driving this car. It still runs/drives/and smells brand new.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2008

29th Jan 2008, 21:21

Congrats on owning the world's best mid-size sedan. As for cornering lights, I agree. Our GM has them.

As for the digital speedometer, that was tried in the 80's and was a total flop. If my car had a digital dash I'd retro fit analog gauges back into it. The brain reads analog and digital gauges differently, and the analog are far easier to read while driving.

18th Nov 2009, 20:04

I agree with the post above, my brain is just hardwired for analog. Also, I completely agree with the reasoning on new car, I also had a piece of junk which I was shelling out tons of money for to keep running. In the end I would say get the best of both worlds and look for what they call "pre-owned" maybe just off lease or something so you don't take that depreciation hit.