2010 Ford Fusion SE 3.0 V6 from North America


The new benchmark of midsize cars


Picked up a nail on sidewall at 200 miles; finding out the tires cost ~$200 each is not something expected of a family mid-size car.

Smell of burning brake in the first 1000 miles. Mileage was ~23mpg, so I thought I had a stuck caliper (guess it breaks in).

Sync has problem with accents.

General Comments:

Very sleek and cool look.

Fuel economy ~25mpg with 75% highway driving.

I hate not having the temperature display standard.

Factory sound system needs more kick.

Engine is strong and responsive.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2010

11th Feb 2010, 21:09

You know you can get 100 dollar tires.. don't buy from the dealer.

28th Mar 2010, 12:33

Wherever you buy the tires, they should ALWAYS match whatever is on the car to handle properly. And NO, NEVER buy ANYTHING from a dealer. They generally mark everything up 100-500%. Buy from a discount tire store, but MATCH the brand and style on the car.

A burning smell is normal on ALL new cars due to finishes on the engine and exhaust components curing, and the brake pads do have to wear in a bit as well.

Your fuel mileage sounds awful, although you do have the 6 and it is more fuel-hungry. I have the I-4, which delivers more than ample power and consistently delivers 27 in town and 34-37 on the highway. Of course I drive very easily and obey speed limits.

2010 Ford Fusion SEL 3.0L from North America


Almost very good!


A defective battery... that's all. It's too new.

General Comments:

Okay... As a car buff, I thought I would write this report. I work for a car rental co, so I don't own it, I just took it on a 2000K roadtrip, and thought the feedback would be useful to anyone looking at a 2010 Fusion.

First of all, as a Honda owner, any Honda owner will agree that I am used to the controls being in their proper places. I have become spoiled with knowing how to turn on the rear defrost without actually having to look for it.

The 2010 Fusion, has definitely got bang on exterior styling. This one had the spoiler, the fogs, and those hot 17in mags. I was quite happy to get in it. Unfortunately for me, I have to drive it again I am afraid to say, because I have to return it to the car rental co.

I drove an 07 Fusion SEL AWD two years ago. Now the seats have changed, and the headrests give you no chance to leave your neck anywhere but forward. If I had drove it max 4 hours, then I would have no complaint, but on a long 2000Km road trip like I have just done, I am sore. The seat is perfectly supportive, the headrest ruins it.

Nice gauges Ford, I really appreciated that. The prev Fusion I took, had the typical dated green/yellow guages, and weren't all that attractive. The new one has a nice blue hue that was really nice to pay attention to.

I wish the stereo and the climate had changed places. The steering wheel has audio controls to I rarely touched the stereo. I did however have to hunt through that maze of buttons for the climate, locate right in front of the shifter, and even after 2000 kms, I am having a hard time finding the rear defrost. I suppose if I owned it, I would be familiar a lot more. Life however, doesn't need to be anymore complicated.

Nice sounding engine, very nice shifting tranny, FANTASTIC Sony stereo, good sound insulation..

Overall, very good job Ford, and that's coming from a Honda owner (7th Honda presently). Those seats, and the climate controls, will definitely keep me into the Accord however, I know where everything is, and with a Honda, it's where it should be.. I know if you have an Accord with Nav it is not easy to function through, but factory Nav's are always complicated (Mine doesn't have Nav)

If you own a 2010 Fusion, congrats, it's worth the price with this "employee pricing program", if you are looking at one, pay attention to those little details that make your drive simple, you might want to reconsider.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2009

11th Sep 2009, 21:17

I agree... Those seats are horrible.. Climate I could deal with because I had a Ford before this one, but I definitely agree with this headrest issue... FIX IT FORD.

19th Sep 2009, 22:19

First off I have a 2009 Fusion with Sport app package. Great car for the highway and not bad in city... just a poor turning radius. Anyways, for the 2009's and 08 07 06 models, seats ate perfect... sorry to hear about the new Fusion. seating... could be a major turnoff. Still happy with the car. For 24000 cdn it was a deal, retail 31000.

2010 Ford Fusion S 2.5L I-4 from North America


This is the best value in the segment, and it is the highest quality


Nothing as of 8000 miles.

General Comments:

Great Car. Also test drove the Accord, Malibu, and Camry, and this was the best.

Much quieter and better looking than the competition at a cheaper price.

Great value... comfortable interior and much quieter on the inside.

Feels like a car of a much, much higher price.

I love Ford, and this car has definitely impressed.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2009

8th Jul 2009, 16:41

I wish you the best with your Fusion. Our "high mileage" champ was a Ford. It was driven 325,000 miles over 17 years. Total repair costs were under $500.

We currently own a 2006 Fusion. It is one of the most solid and well-built cars we've ever owned. I'm making it a point to try and let my import-owning friends know that they can trade their less reliable imports in for a solid, reliable car and save thousands in the process. Several have traded their Camrys for Fusions and another friend is trading his Honda for one. Domestics offer better warranties, better products, lower cost (both to purchase and to maintain) and help our own industries rather than Japan's. Thank you for buying from an AMERICAN company!!