2010 Ford Fusion Sport 3.5 from North America


Amazing all around car


Rear tire sidewall - noticed a fairly large crack in it. Dealer installed a new tire free of charge under warranty.

General Comments:

First problem; WHY OH WHY couldn't they have made a manual transmission option!?

The only complaint I have about this car is the engine and tranny setup is very refined, and not sport tuned. It feels way too similar to the 10' Taurus SE. It still has plenty of pep though, and has great acceleration, but could do with a sport mode transmission option like most sporty sedans these days.

The suspension is my favorite feature; it feels very stiff and sporty, but it still produces a comfortable ride. It does not feel like a 3800+lb car at all. I owned a 3000GT, and it handles a lot better, but has less power. AWD is amazing in all driving conditions. I live in Toronto, so I've seen snow and heavy rain; no problems on highways with good winter tread.

Gas mileage is OK for an AWD car; probably a little less than a 2.5L Impreza. And a considerably less than a Mazdaspeed6 AWD 2.3L turbo.

But it burns 87 octane, so can't complain there. Averaging about 21MPG; mostly city though.

Oh yeah, and the engine bay is RAMMED, so doing maintenance yourself will take longer than most cars out there.

Leather seats are extremely comfy and supportive.

The 12 speaker sound system sounds great, but I will be installing a custom subwoofer in the trunk to add more bass.

There's a reason why this won car of the year in 2010; it's really an amazing car to own. Lots of room, sporty and great ride quality.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2010

2010 Ford Fusion SE 2.5 I-4 from North America


The only option for a mid-size sedan!!


The car has been perfect, and gets really good gas mileage.

General Comments:

This has been a really great car so far.

I really love the gas mileage and the style of this car.

The cabin is really nice and roomy, and the interior is really cool.

I would recommend the Ford Fusion to anyone looking for a very nice mid size sedan that gets really good gas mileage. It's loaded with a lot of really cool stuff too. My wife loves the Microsoft Sync and the remote start.

We had looked at several different makes and models, and I am very happy with the decision we made.

I really love the exterior also. I like how they've redone the front end.

To sum up: Very nice car, excellent gas mileage and performance, an overall excellent vehicle for the money!!

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Review Date: 12th May, 2010

15th Jun 2010, 11:56

Our Fusion is now 5 years old and never a single problem. I have replaced the battery and tires and that's it. It is very comfortable, very smooth and very fast for a 4. Our fuel mileage is awesome (34-36 hwy and 26-29 city). The new models are even better.

2010 Ford Fusion SEL 2.4 I4 from North America


Ford does it right with the Fusion


Had a rattling noise in the passenger side seat. Fixed by dealer. No other problems.

General Comments:

Well I have had the car a little over 7 months, put on 12.5K miles and so far so good.

The reviews were correct, car is built well, comfortable and gas mileage better than expected.

On pure highway driving (New York to Boston run) clocked 35 mpg. On my regular driving, suburban NY metro to Bronx NY - I have been getting around 29 mpg (80% highway driving).

Handles the road very well, good braking.

I4 gives adequate power, but it's no 6. Cruises at 65-70 with no problem.

Seats comfortable, standard sound system very good.

Interior cabin has all the features you need. Ford Sync system takes some getting used to, but really enhances safe driving.

Only negative, it's a little difficult knowing where the car ends; although the rear sensor helps on the back end, you sort of have to guess about where the front begins.

Bottom line, I would buy again.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2010

6th Apr 2010, 10:17

Thanks for a well-balanced review.

14th Apr 2010, 12:12

"On pure highway driving (New York to Boston run) clocked 35 mpg. On my regular driving, suburban NY metro to Bronx NY - I have been getting around 29 mpg (80% highway driving)."

I'm glad to see a REALISTIC fuel mileage figure for the Fusion 4. We own a 2006 SE 4 and have been amazed at the mileage this car gets. My last tank was about 50/50 city/highway driving and it got 29.5 mpg. On the interstate (non-stop, at the posted speed limit) I have gotten as high as 37.8 mpg. Those who say they get 20mpg are obviously peeling out at every stop light and running 110 on the freeway. A neighbor of mine recently bought a 2010 SE 4 and he is getting 34 mpg in about 25% city/ 75% highway. These cars are grossly under-rated on the EPA estimates.

As for performance, we also own a 275 horsepower SUV and a Mustang. The Fusion 4 is no slouch in performance. It is faster than the SUV and I can floor it at 100mph and hit 118 (where the governor kicks in) in 4th gear. I'd never spend the extra money for a gas-hungry V-6. The 4 is more than adequate.