4th Jul 2010, 19:06

Once again incorrect, there are many sites showing just how bad the Fusions are, one transmission problem after the next. Would never recommend.

5th Jul 2010, 12:44

The Ford Fusion has been rated highly. However, even the best of cars have there problems. The Fusion has had several recalls ranging from failing brakes, to transmission issues, to sticking gas pedals.

5th Jul 2010, 13:51

I suspect this is similar to the "unintended acceleration" info for the Fusion. It was based on three cases! I have never seen or heard of a Fusion with transmission problems. I think you are confusing it with Honda and Acura. Our 2006 Fusion is flawless.

6th Jul 2010, 09:53

"I have never seen or heard of a Fusion with transmission problems."

There is a search engine by the name of "Google" that can show you just how many there are (incredible right?). By the way, Ford had a recall on the Fusion transmission anyways, so yes, the problem exists.

15th Aug 2010, 19:25

We recently bought a 2010 2.5L 6 speed. We had to have the tranny replaced at 3500 kms. The car works fine, but still has an issue with the tranny. I think it is a new problem, but one they should take care of quickly and efficiently, before consumers rethink buying a Fusion.

16th Aug 2010, 16:14

Tranny issues are a growing trend with the Fusion now that they are 5 years into production. Seems they will join Honda as the tranny of the month club winners soon enough!

29th Apr 2011, 13:39

I have dozens of friends who drive 2006-2011 Fusions. Many have traded Accords or Camrys for them. Not a one of them (or us) has ever had ANY transmission problems, or even heard of any with a Fusion. This appears to be a rumor started by an import fan or salesman based on three cases reported on the Fusion. Three cars out of several million hardly constitutes a "problem". 14 MILLION does!! This attempt to discredit Ford just doesn't fly.

30th Apr 2011, 13:28

So, I have had dozens of friends with Toyotas and Hondas and none of them (myself included) have ever had ANY problems with them... recall related, transmissions, etc. etc. I have never even taken any import I have owned in for more than normal service in the 27 years I have been driving. Fords? not so much... GM's DEFINITELY not!!

Point is, we all have our own experiences. To go on about other brands when you have little or no experiences with them just plain makes no sense. You have good luck with Fusions... Great!! I have good luck with imports... also Great!! So, what are we proving by dissing each others brands or quoting ratings sources, stories, etc., etc.? I really wish people would drop the whole import vs. domestic lame argument. It has no validity anyhow as they have proven a Honda Accord as more American than a Fusion anyhow. Just drive whatever you like and leave everyone else out of it. Be happy! Peace...

30th Apr 2011, 15:48

I think it is unfair to discredit those that claim they have had transmission problems with their Fusions. Why do people assume they are lying, or it's a salesman from Toyota who's making these comments? I think it is pretty far fetched to think a Toyota or Honda salesman would bother to do this.

The notion that the Fusion is 'perfect' is nonsense, and as exaggerated as the idea that only Toyota has had recall problems in the past. Check Ford's record, and people will find they have had many problems with vehicles that had to be recalled.

2nd May 2011, 16:08

All sorts of stories and urban myths are easily circulated now due to the Internet. I don't know of any issues with Ford automatic transmissions, other than a few rather undocumented comments on the Internet. No one I know personally, including a Ford service technician, has ever heard of anything out of the ordinary regarding Fusion transmissions. My own 5-year-old Fusion remains flawless. I'd buy another in a second if I didn't plan on keeping this one for another 150,000 miles.

3rd May 2011, 16:38

Go on youtube and look around, you will be surprised...

13th May 2011, 08:32

Why would people waste their time circulating "urban myths" about Fusion transmission problems? I have had no transmission issues with any Honda I have owned either, so does that mean the Honda transmission problems are a myth too? Probably! Funny how the car you like is always the one everyone makes stuff up about, huh?

13th May 2011, 16:12

No, Hondas trans issues are not a myth. Look at Hondas trans mated to the 3.2 VTEC. Our worst Hondas were the Acura TL models. Terrible. I am driving a new Ford Edge SEL great vehicle. Our best Hondas were new Legends; what happened?

14th May 2011, 11:28

Honda's massive transmission problems have been well documented for years. I've yet to see any credible evidence of any problems of any kind with the Fusion.

15th May 2011, 11:41

Do a little more research on it.

15th May 2011, 11:42

I have never had any transmission problems with Honda, so I'll assume it is a myth created on the Internet... Hmmm, I sound like a Ford owner now.

12th Aug 2012, 15:13

Update: Our 2010 Ford Fusion has been giving us some problems lately. First the throttle body goes out and now it making a horrible whining noise. It has to go back into the shop this week for repairs again. We now have 52,000 miles on it. I hope this is all the problems we have for a while. I am sure glad we purchased the extended warranty!

28th Mar 2013, 18:56

Update: We traded in the Fusion and purchased a 2012 Toyota Camry. Wife loves the Camry! The Fusion was starting to give us trouble, and I did not want to have it when the transmission finally gave out! I think all makes and models have issues, however this car was having issues that should not be happening until later in its life. I have read that the 2010 was a year to stay away from because of faulty throttle bodies, transmissions, etc. Anyway, just thought I would give an update to anyone looking at a 2010 model. I am not sure about the other years. They have had a good reputation up till then...

29th Mar 2013, 07:06

Have you ever owned a VTEC 6 in an Accord or Acura? If so, you know about all the trans failures and replacements. My first was at 28000 miles! In a 35k plus car that's pathetic. Then the motor mounts, expensive HID bulbs and tires. We drive conservative by the way.

Worst resale ever after the Carfax reported the trans replacements. Way to go Honda.

I drive a Ford Edge SEL today; same trans with 85k miles.