2014 Ford Fusion SE 2.0 turbo from North America


A great overall package in a car


Nothing has gone wrong.

This is a 14 day rental that I put 2,500 miles on.

My last rental car was a 2012 Fusion SEL 3.0 Auto.

General Comments:

2,500 mile MPG average was 29.2 MPG, with 95% being highway miles at 75-80mph.

The previous 2012 Fusion that I drove on the same trip got 31.5 MPG with the 3.0 V-6 auto.

The key pad code cards were not in the unopened owners booklet, so you get the code by placing one key in the ignition and turn to run and off, then pull out, stick the second key in and turn to run, and your code will display on the dash.

The automatic transmission was smooth 98% of the time, but had an occasionally hard shift.

The automatic transmission is very intuitive, as it will hold gears while coasting down hills, like at Pikes Peak, if you don't gas the car.

I have mixed feelings about the electronic motorized E-brake, and wonder how well it will hold up to mud and rust.

The little 2.0L 4-cyl turbo is very adequate in power and would equal the old 3.0 V-6 in all but sound. The 4 cylinder sounds louder and revs faster; the old 3.0 had a much meaner growl and sounded more mature.

The tiny turbo does start to spin after like 3 seconds, and the power is amazing and you will hit 100mph very rapidly if you don't let off.

Don't be fooled by a tiny 2.0 and an automatic. This car will likely outrun any competition in the class.

Fit and finish was perfect. I got the car with 1,500 miles.

Road noise was very low.

Head lights are not as bright as a 2012 Fusion.

The doors open and close real nicely, and feel thick, heavy and safe.

The glove box is kind of small.

To unlock the car with a dead battery, you must stick the key under the door handle rear cap of the driver's door, push the key up a tiny hole on the bottom of the cap, and pry the cap back and off. I didn't have a dead battery; just couldn't find a trunk key spot or door key hole, but the driver's door does have a real spot for a key, just in case you have a dead battery and your doors were locked.

At least this car has a spare tire; others do not.

A/C blower is reasonably quiet at max speed.

The windows can go up or down with one touch.

The door lock push down sticks are missing at the top of the door panel, right by the glass; instead you have a tiny red LED that lights up red if the doors are locked. Nice.

Room is nice, but the '12 Fusion had a ton more foot room for the front seats. The '13+ has wheel well intrusion and the driver's side has a massive dead space hogging dead pedal for your left leg.

Visibility is great, but the A-pillar is kind of thick.

The trunk is just OK, but similar to other cars in the class.

Overall the Fusion is very class competitive in all categories, and even offers a class exclusive key pad entry that can be a life saver.

The leather seats are nice, but fairly firm and narrow; if I was real, real plus size, I think the space would be too tight with the fixed center arm rest.

The Fusion is nice. It feels more like a Nissan or Toyota, and drives more like a sports car.

I'd buy a new Fusion. I think the 2.0 turbo is for sure the best option.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd July, 2014