24th May 2007, 19:52

20:30 proved my point exactly... again very old low end or used models only to comment on. I buy new every 2-3 years and want the latest features, technology, performance and handling. I find it hard for someone still to comment on an entire mfrs. offerings when its doubtful they have had any compact to luxury ownership across the board or useful comments to offer any type of complete mfrs.evaluations whatsoever. I can comment on old Toyotas and Hondas I have owned or the better brand new domestics I currently own. I buy new vehicles never used and I have personally seen the mechanical quality significantly drop on my recent new imports. My savings at the pump were replaced by car repairs. I wised up and am not caught in the import hype anymore.

25th May 2007, 20:44

19:52 How are commenting on the ownership of new imports when you say that you own new domestics instead? It doesn't sound like you've actually owned a newer import. And everybody knows that your statement about the new domestics being more reliable than imports is false. And that comment is backed up by reviews written in every major auto magazine in the United States. The domestics, at best, have somewhat closed the gap a LITTLE in the area of build quality, but still are not nearly as good as Toyota, Honda, or Nissan. The Big 3 are big no more. Toyota is worldwide leader is automobile sales, selling more than GM and Ford, and Dodge (or whatever they're called now that they've sold out), is outsold by Honda and Nissan as well. If there is a "Big 3" anymore, it is Toyota, FOLLOWED by GM, then Ford. And in years to come, Honda definitely, if not Nissan as well, will surpass Ford in sales, if Ford is even still in existence. Why? Honda makes much better cars than the domestics, despite the fact that you think otherwise. Just saying otherwise means nothing. The facts are that Toyota has already outdone them. I can understand why a Big 3 fan would want to say otherwise, but it just isn't so. It doesn't have anything to do with how many jobs each company provides, it has to do with who makes the better vehicles, and that is Toyota and Honda, like it or not.

27th May 2007, 03:11

I have had several Hondas the last not as reliable as before. I do really like VTEC's in all fairness. If the manufacturers warranty is improved to 100,000 miles standard without buying add'l outside warranty coverage with high out of pocket deductibles I may reconsider. My entire issue is mechanical reliability... import or domestic I will buy whatever gives me the best warranty, keeps me out of the dealers shops, performance, handling, features, fun to drive. Otherwise I could save riding the bus. My 260 h.p. stock VTEC only ran 93 premium octane by the way not an especially thrifty vehicle, but the added performance was more to my liking than purely being driven like most at the gas pumps. I am driving 390 hp in my newest GM without any regrets. Whatever I own a bland underpowered vehicle would bore me to death and being frequently in the shop is not where I want my vehicles at.

27th May 2007, 19:58

Here is my fleet of Honda's. I just last week retired my 94 Accord with 258,000 miles, but it still ran. I have a 1997 Accord right now that is reliable, but the AC is troublesome... it is 10 years old. I have a 1999 Accord V6 with 160,000 miles been reliable... check engine light for canister thingy... not a big deal. 1996 Accord with 142,000 miles... needs valve cover gasket...maintanance. We have another 1999 Accord LX inline 4 that never gets maintained and yet its transmission has still lasted longer than ones people say they 'maintained'. I have a 2000 Civic that just needed a muffler and a tune up and it has 145k. To top it off we have a 2006 Civic and we have had not one problem. As a family we have had no problems at all with our Hondas and I stratch my head when people say the newer ones are not reliable... In my opinion I get mad when my Hondas are compared to a TL. If anyone had a brain they would know they are in a class of their own and do not even compare to any Honda... so a problem with a TL is not a Civic, Accord, or Goldwing problem...don't buy a Honda on that kind of assumption... its stupid.

28th May 2007, 12:54

Wouldn't a new Honda Accord V6 be somewhat comparable to a Hondas upscale TL a little less hp, but how much different would it be... its funny you comment the lower end Honda with more praise than the top of the line Hondas. I guess better also buy a Corolla and never ever a Lexus as they seem to have very similiar issues as well. I think bare bones, no extra weight,87 octane capable, an air conditioner and wind up windows sounds like the way to travel. And why are you mad when people compare to Acura? puzzled..................

28th May 2007, 16:19

Some years ago I watched a Discovery Channel doc about the mfg process of Boeing airliners. Showed use of Toyoda precision engineering robotics for the Boeing 7X7 airframe.

FYI - Toyoda is Toyota's root company. Regards.

28th May 2007, 21:16

The Acura problems are linked to the five speed auto 3.2 combo. This configuration is not available on any other Honda.

I was laughing when you said bare bones. In an American car, an economy car would be barebones with window cranks, but with a Honda in LX trim, you get power everything except moon roofs, etc. You should be able to get enough luxury from this if you do not need to impress everyday, and if you did, the Accord EX V6 does plenty fine.

I am mad when people compare Acura's because it is linked to a certain point on the car, and other than that, it is not that bad of a car, but I see no reason that a 3.2 V6 mated to a five speed auto should take sales away from any other Honda. Especially since there are not that many on the road. Plain and simple.

BTW an Accord EX-L is more luxurious than any Ford product, and if you don't believe me now... Hisotory will repeat itself and you'll see.

29th May 2007, 08:31

Funny my friends Honda 2000 Civic Dx plain with wind up windows has been more reliable than my newer loaded Acura. At some point you may own a 2002-2004 and then you can comment on late models... my 80's and 90's were fine especially the Integra/Legend downhill from there. I don't get the Bpoeing comment... is that like when Chrysler built tanks? This is on cars plain and simple. The engine, transmissions...moonroofs, leather seats, Bose stereos are great, but they need to run.

1st Jun 2007, 14:53

Original reviewer again. Well after 3 months my new Fusion is perfect, will blow the doors off any Camry and has yet to need a single visit to the shop for anything. By this time my 2006 Camry had been in about 3 or 4 times for something. I'm disappointed with this site because of all the kids playing on computers who post stuff they read in Toyota ads. This site ought to be for people who actually own the cars and ought to have an age limit in order to post. The kids are ruining what could have been a good site with their insults and silly comments.

2nd Jun 2007, 06:42

Our Ford Mustang Boss 302 is good as new and now worth many times its original selling price. I wonder if you will still have your 2007 Toyota Classic vehicle 38 years from now. I am actually wondering what 2007 Toyota model would remotely be considered collectible and that may fund your retirement in the future someday?