8th Mar 2009, 21:13

There is no "rare v-6 5-speed". Unless someone swapped the tranny with a manual. The I4 came with either a 5 speed manual or 5 speed auto, and the V6 came with the Aisin 6speed auto transmission. The 2010 Fusion may have a 6speed manual, which will be a first for a V6 Fusion. Also, unless you tuned the engine and added performance parts, it's not competing with modern V8 Sedans/Coupes.

13th Mar 2009, 16:51

The V-6 5-speed was a one-off built by a local speed shop and equipped with cold-air induction and several other engine mods. It was not for sale (it had been specially built for a local buyer) and I was given an opportunity to take it for a test drive. It was very fast, had stiffer suspension (I'm not sure what modifications had been made) and it had a ground effects package and custom spoiler. The car would definitely outperform many V-8's. It also had a high-flow exhaust system (not sure what brand) that gave the V-6 an incredible exhaust note.

Although I opted to buy a Mustang in 2007, my wife recently wanted a second car and we purchased a 2.3 liter Fusion SE for her. It is a great car, and (contrary to what car magazines say) is PLENTY peppy and very adequate in acceleration. I drive it a lot and love it. The handling is great, it is smooth and quiet, and though the 5-speed automatic does not shift as smooth and seamlessly as my 4-speed GM automatic, it is still a smooth-shifting tranny.

19th Mar 2009, 16:51

"The 5-speed was a real tire smoker and would give lots of V-8's a run for their money. If it had come in a sporty 2-door I would have bought it."

"The V-6 5-speed was a one-off built by a local speed shop and equipped with cold-air induction and several other engine mods. It was not for sale"

It was not for sale... but you would have bought it??? How would you have pulled that off that trick?

20th Mar 2009, 16:27

Actually I would have bought ANY Fusion, 5-speed or automatic if they had come in a sporty coupe edition like the Altima. As it was, I wanted a sporty two-door car and opted for a rough-riding Mustang to avoid the "old grandpa" image of a 4-door car. We now also own a Fusion (my wife bought one) and I actually end up driving it a lot more than the Mustang in spite of its boring looks, because it is so comfortable.

21st Mar 2009, 08:38

Why on earth would you buy something that you felt was uncomfortable, just because you liked its "sporty" looks, instead of buying something more practical and more comfortable?

Was the "Look at me!" factor really more important than comfort & practicality?

That's just not a good way to buy a car. Unfortunately far too many people do the same thing and then are stuck with impractical vehicles.

I don't own a Ford Fusion, but I don't think that they're the worst looking vehicle on the road by any means.

21st Mar 2009, 11:07

As a mechanic, I like sporty cars and NO sporty car has a decent ride. I like the look of the retro-style Mustang and the power. I have long wished that auto manufacturers would make a smooth riding sports car for those of us who don't street race, but still enjoy the looks.

We own 4 vehicles, so I can pretty much choose whichever one suits my mood for the day. If I feel good, it's sunny and my back isn't aching, I take the Mustang. If it's yucky weather and I feel bad, I take the Fusion. For most around-town trips I take my customized Grand Am (which DOES ride great). If hauling a bulky item I take the GMC Envoy, which is extremely powerful, fast, and has a very smooth and comfortable ride.

I realize owning 4 cars (though none are that expensive) may sound extravagant, especially in these hard times, but I grew up in a family of auto enthusiasts and absolutely love cars. My wife and I have routinely owned 3 to 5 cars at one time since we were married.

Just yesterday we were discussing which car we would sell if the economy made things tougher for us (my income is already down 50%). I said without a moment's hesitation "The Mustang" because it ISN'T practical or necessary. The Fusion is an incredible car and I'd rather keep it if forced to choose. And no, it is NOT an "ugly" car. I LIKE the styling. It's just not the least bit sporty, though it DOES handle very well for a sedan while still giving a comfortable ride.

21st Mar 2009, 18:54

"Why on earth would you buy something that you felt was uncomfortable, just because you liked its "sporty" looks"

That is a very interesting question. I know two people who bought brand new Audis even though they thought the seats were uncomfortable. Now they admit they wanted the prestige of a German brand, and they ignored the uncomfortable seats because they they thought they would break-in. Now 3 years later, they are still uncomfortable.

I find the Fusion seats comfortable. Not super comfortable like in a luxury car, but good enough for long drives.

22nd Mar 2009, 21:44

I found this comment interesting for me because we own a Fusion and my mom owns a more luxurious Lincoln MKZ (the exact same car as the Fusion). I drive both cars and frankly I think Ford uses the SAME seats in both cars. Both of ours have leather and I honestly can't tell ANY difference. Mom's does have heated and air-conditioned seats, which I find dumb, but the feel of both cars is identical.

19th Aug 2009, 22:40

I believe the Fusion 5-speed manual, drives perfect, also it was able to outpace many cars such as Civics etc. I am only 18 and I purchased this car because it rides smooth, pulls hard and is economical. Also with about $500 of modifications you get lot of power from the 2.3 Mazda GT inspired motor (an exhaust from the manifold, a cold air intake leading right down to the bottom and for handling a strut bar reduces body roll dramatically). I have not done these yet since I have just purchased it and it's still under warranty, and under my small income I cannot afford to void my warranty.

21st Aug 2009, 21:04

To 22:40: Congrats on the Fusion. I'm a mechanic and car enthusiast, and I own both an I-4 Fusion and a Mustang. The Fusion is really an awesome car. It is one of the best built cars in the world. I came up beside a neighbor's teen-aged son in their Lexus at a light in an area that isn't patrolled much. I was kidding with him and asking him if he wanted to race. When the light turned green we both took off and ran for about 1/8 mile. He beat me... by HALF A CAR LENGTH!! I saw him later and asked if he was REALLY trying to beat me. His reply was "Are you kidding?? I was BENDING THE FLOOR BOARD!!" He couldn't believe a 4-cylinder Fusion would give a Lexus that kind of run.