4th Apr 2006, 10:33

I would have to agree with the previous comment, although I wouldn't have put it quite the same way. Before you purchase a car, you must research and test drive it BEFORE you buy, and if you don't like the radio, or whatever, don't get the car! it's as simple as that.

19th Apr 2006, 15:25

I'm at 1 month of ownership now.

The previous comments were just giving a fair assessment of the car, (some people are uber picky and would say I was leaving things out.)

That said, I do love this car!!

Accelerates great at all speeds, handles 10x better than my Taurus did, 4 wheel disks stop this car on a dime.

Interior is nice, not too busy or overly flashy. Just enough accents to make it nice and respectable.

The biggest headache with the car is still the rear view. Due to the amount of trunk room built into the car it has a high rear end and you can actually lose smaller cars if they follow too close.

All in all there is not another car of this size, trim, performance level available for the price. I compared this to the Dodge Charger, Pontiac/Buick lacross/GP, Chev Impala, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima.

You could say some of the other vehicles do offer more in certain areas, but none come close to the price when you start adding in options (V6, 6disk CD, etc.)

21st May 2006, 19:01

Just purchased my Fusion (SE) a week ago. It's not perfect, but it's not far from perfect. My trunk looks like it's not closed, my system is not the best, and the steering wheel is a bit uncomfortable because of the fine grain vinyl used.

The body is beautiful - it looks like a luxury vehicle, great design. The engine is pretty quiet. I chose the Fusion over the Explorer. I think the value of this car will go up in 07.

I live in the Bahamas - I spent 29,000 USD because of duty.

6th Jul 2007, 14:35

The high trunk is actually an aerodynamic design feature. It reduces the low pressure region behind the rear window and helps with gas mileage - at the expense of visibility. You see similar comments about the Chrysler Sebring.

10th Jul 2007, 16:10

It's also like the Dodge Durango. They need an extra 6 inches for aerodynamics, not because parts are cheap. Yes, Honda's and Toyota's have no gaps at all and have better dynamics, but I love my gaps.

23rd Jul 2007, 14:40

Well at 1yr plus now.

Only service was to have TSB 06-21-11 done to fix the hard/late down shifts.

Average mileage is right at 25mpg according to the computer and that's a mix of highway and city driving.

No complaints. Still think it's a great value, still looks good, and am throughly happy with my purchase decision.

30th Oct 2008, 12:32

Two point five year update. (42,000 miles)

Mechanically everything is still rock solid with no complaints.

Have found a serious weak spot on the car though. The interior door handles are really weak. The chrome pulls are just chrome covered plastic. My front driver side went out, but it seems to be a common complaint on all doors.

On the upside, if you can change your own oil, you can probably fix this part yourself in about an hour.

Replacement part runs about $30 USD.