30th Aug 2001, 16:07

You can't go wrong in this day and age driving a tank.

15th Jun 2002, 11:18

Airbags are the worst safety lie that ever got pushed on the American people. I will not have them in any vehicle I drive daily. You're in a safe car... it will knock any new car off the road in a crash.

Craig Gilbert.

29th Jun 2002, 23:12

Personally I don't think the author need have any fears about coming off second-best in a crash involving the Galaxie. With the Galaxie having such massive proportions (weight, length and width) plus bodywork constructed from 16 gauge steel, the most the author's Galaxie might suffer is scratched paintwork at best or a punctured radiator at worst (plus the loss of the author's pride). It would be a good idea in the meantime though to ensure the car is always kept in roadworthy condition. Here in Australia, Galaxies were notorious for chewing through front ends due to the cars' massive weight plus the brake linings having a short life span for the same reason as the above. In the end it all boils down to careful driving by the author so as not to be put in a situation where the Galaxie WILL be involved in an accident.

2nd Jan 2004, 15:41

These cars (like most American cars of the 1950's and 1960's) fare reasonably well in the first collision (car to car).

Where they fall down badly is in the second collision (that of the driver and passengers against the interior of the car).

Hard metal instrument panels, rigid steering linkages, diecast interior fittings, non-safety glass, metal edged steering wheels, and inadequate seatbelts (if fitted at all) all present serious safety risks.

1st Jun 2008, 19:38

Two responses, one to each of the last posters:

1. The last poster is right about "the second collision".

However, I do think that safety glass has been standard equipment for many, many moons. While shoulder belts are desirable, lap belts do and will go a long way in protection.

2. Where the heavy, "weighty" cars REALLY help is when the driver or passenger (s) get "T-boned" in the door (s). All the desirable excellent defensive driving can NOT prevent injury from being hit by an irresponsible, careless, or drunk/stoned driver of another vehicle.