1993 Ford Granada scorpio 2.9 V6 from UK and Ireland


This car is brilliant


Faulty hand break leaver.

Leaking gear box gasket.

Wiper motor.

Various electrical problems including fuse box (due to water damage) stupid place to pit it.

Faulty starter motor.

General Comments:

This car was bought at a right bargain, at only £90. So therefore cost of putting it right wasn't so bad.

With electrics a problem, but sorted after a few weeks hard graft on this supreme motor was a dream to drive.

Also with so many different toys you could open your own toy shop, there is electric heated seats, air conditioning and cruise control.

Basically electric everything.

It's the most luxurious car for it's money and power to boot.

Super fast, super reliable, super value for money.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2004

1993 Ford Granada LX 2.0i DOHC from UK and Ireland


High quality transport that repays regular servicing with remarkable reliability and longevity


Clutch cable at 210,000.

ABS problem at 200,000, cutting in when braking at walking speeds but it was only dirty sensors.

Head gasket at 180,000 - so who's complaining!

General Comments:

Wonderful ride, brakes, steering.

Quiet and effortless progress. Still brisk enough when asked in normal A & B road conditions, but amazing on motorways at 70+. Feels so safe.

Consumption getting down to low 30s overall, but, again, who's complaining?

Passengers love it as much as I do.

Never been garaged so bodywork not pristine. Rusting arches.

I only wish I could find this engine in a current car eg Rover 75.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2003

1993 Ford Granada Ghia X 2.0EFi from UK and Ireland


A cheap BMW - with better gadgets!


Exhaust blowing on purchase.

Brake pads always wearing out.

Central locking goes haywire in the wet.

Rust on rear wheel arches.

Radio stopped working.

General Comments:

This car is the bargain of the last decade. The Ghia, Ghia X and Scorpio models have all the gadgets your imagination could think up. Being a Ford lover this new car supports my view. Is comfortable, fast, big, looks good; what else do you want in a car? OK, so it may be a bit thirsty, but if your easy on the right foot the on board computer happily shows up 30- 35 mpg. The auto gear box is smooth and forgiving. The power steering is light and responsive and overall the car is a pleasure to dive, and the thought of knowing your car is most likely much bigger and has more gadgets than your mates' always gives some satisfaction.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2003

1993 Ford Granada Scorpio 24v Cosworth 2.9i 24v from UK and Ireland


Try before you die!


The brake discs and pads have had to be replaced.

Sunroof doesn't work.

General Comments:

What can I say? This car is a great find.

It's a Rolls Royce for second hand Ford money!

Which other super luxo barge can you get for a tenth of the original price whilst still only having less than average mileage on the clock?

Full service history, 3 owners, 68000 miles, most front and rear legroom in its class, every possible toy fitted in the factory, except for a heated steering wheel disappointingly!

This car even has electrically reclining rear seats (I ask you!)

The interior is seriously pornographic (and the leather just wipes clean, so no sticky mess at all!).

Back to business!!

After replacing the discs and pads, then fitting Avon ZZ1's all round, total cost of around £600 - £700 (please don't let that put you off!). Let them bed in for 500-800 miles, then take it up to about 80mph straight line speed, make sure that nobody is following you, choose a lamp post or marker in the distance that you think that you can stop before. Whack the big stop pedal, ABS cuts in, you feel like you're face is coming off or you are dropping out of light speed in the Millennium Falcon, steering wheel does not even twitch.

Then accelerate back up to 80mph to get to the marker that you chose!!!

The brakes are absolutely AMAZING! (Try it to believe it!!)

Engine is as sweet as a nut and virtually bullet proof, just keep regular sevices up.

Will cost you £88 every 10000 miles for a minor service, and about £165 every 30000 miles major service.

Do services more often if you do a lot of short journeys!

OK so the car uses loads of petrol, LPG gas conversion will cost you about a grand, but apparently gives you more power due to the conversion of the air intake.

You could probably get rid of those nasty, expensive cat's too!

And hey, who cares if it uses loads of petrol??? If you cared about that sort of thing then drive a Fiat Seicento!!

The reason why I marked running costs as average is because parts and servicing are so cheap. You try buying a trim clip for a Saab or something like that... cost you a tenner, go to the scrappy for anything Ford and you will find it for next to nowt.

Great car, great value for money, great car for not getting pulled loads by the cops (even though it will go past spoilerised Nova Bad Boys and almost suck them off the road), great fun being a Baddass Gansta Grandad at 140mph!

Altogether a fantastic car.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2001

29th Jun 2001, 01:03

Have to agree with you, had the same vehicle, very nice, very reliable, but suspension too wallowy round bends. I have just bought a 24v Senator... sweet mother of Jesus!!

Sorry but everything the Granada did well, this does it so much better!

Once I have had it for a while I while do a proper review, but for now I recommend that when you come to change your car, test one of these!!

11th Feb 2004, 15:02

Had a Granada Cosworth-unbelievable, brilliant, excellent.

Borrowed a 24v Senator whilst working in the motor trade and am sorry, but I wouldn't insult the backside in my overalls by even sitting in one again. Granada owners have nothing to worry about.

PS.A Cosworth with good suspension goes around corners better than anything of it's size.

6th Jun 2021, 14:47

Old but good review. Interesting comments. Back in the day I have driven all these cars (Granada 24v and Carlton/Senator 24v) so as for the above comments, I can tell you there is no need for rivalry - these cars are like Coke and Pepsi. Slight difference but much the same, just depends on what you prefer. You could say the same (to this day!) about Ford and Vauxhall in general.

The main point about these old executive offerings from Ford and Vauxhall is they were much cheaper than German alternatives, while offering similar abilities. Ironically enough, because they are so rare, they would probably cost more in the long run to run as a classic car, in comparison to a 5 series BMW or whatever from the same time period, at-least they have more of a following and still lots of those older BMW's about. Whereas I cannot remember the last time I saw an 80s or early 90s fast Ford/Vauxhall, except for maybe in re-runs of the old Bill on ITV.