1993 Ford Granada Scorpio 24v Cosworth 2.9 24v petrol from UK and Ireland


Brake discs all worn, oil leak from timing housing, gearbox clunk, gearbox leak, wheel bearing, aircon not very cold, window switches, aircon fan.

General Comments:

Very comfortable and good hard suspension controls car at high speed.

Engine only pulls well above 3500 rpm. 22 mpg. Suffers from early gearbox failure and worn cam chains that cost £600 + to replace. Engine has 190 + BHP but needs to be thrashed to realise it. They soon feel tired.

Compared to other cars for the money though, feels expensive and loads of goodies Better than 800/Carlton competitors, prefer a BMW 535 though.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 1998

15th Mar 2001, 12:59

I've just bought a 1991 model with FSH, it's a nice motor indeed, who cares about 18-20 mpg local nicer than any Beamer any day of the week.

Not as common and gets more looks!


26th Mar 2001, 10:55

I arranged 18inch wheels and tyres for mine and now it is complete!

This car is definately fords best kept secret?

23rd Jun 2001, 04:00

I have a 1991 Granada Cosworth which is a fantastic car, loads of power and smooth with all bells and whistles... luxury and performance, what more do you need! Very stable at speed and will do double the UK speed limit (on the autobahn of course). Only problems have been Air Con condenser getting cracked and power steering rack leaking (very cheap to replace!) If you want a big car that goes and handles with toys and loads of space... this is the one!

26th Jan 2003, 12:24

1991 24 valver, I've put all new disc's and pads around mine, the rear cat's are now thru pipes, I currently get 32 mpg on a run with the cruise control set at just under 80 mph! the secret to the urban mpg is, not to open the progressive throttle until the second big barrel opens and to cruise around streets steadily, that way you get noticed.. Screeching tyres is for Nova drivers! 23 mpg urban is perfectly acceptable, especially with a K&N panel filter.. What a carriage!

Dave Stoke-on-Trent.

5th Jul 2005, 04:13

I had one of these... If ford had marketed this car properly, and improved its quality only slightly, and not changed the shape to make it look like an inflatable car, then, it would have been a realistic affordable alternative to the BMW 5 series. And by now (10 years after they scrapped it) there would be more of these on the roads today than there are BMW 5's.