1997 Ford KA 1.3 from Estonia


Cheap get-me-there


A few years in, serious rust problems started on the lower side of the body, the wheel arches and on the lower side of the door.

The power steering failed at ~70000km. Was fixed and failed again at ~90000km. There is a leak in the system.

The doors are not waterproof inside, so the speakers died a while back. They were removed, and when going around a corner in heavy rain, water can splash through the speaker hole.

The locks both failed, and were replaced with non-central locking ones.

General Comments:

It's a cheap *** car that will serve you kinda well if it has been properly maintained. It doesn't like harsh winters though, or salted roads.

The engine is ancient and the car does 8l / 100km (30ish MPG I think).

Great as a first car for a girl.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2014

1997 Ford KA 2 from UK and Ireland


I brought my KA2 in May this year. Although it is 10 years old, it seemed fine up until now!!

I had to replace a new battery and a new alternator in the same week, as they both broke at the same time! I was told this would solve the cutting out problem I have every time the car comes to a stop, or when I leave the clutch down for too long, but it didn't and the car has broken down on me 3 times in a week!

I took the car back to the garage only to find I need a new clutch! My friend who has an older KA has had exactly the same problems, and they all seem to happen at once in a short space of time!

It seems that KA's aren't supposed to be used after 10 years, as this is when things start needing replacing and become expensive! I would not recommend anyone to buy an older KA as it costs too much when things start to wear out!

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2007

3rd Sep 2007, 08:34

I think you need to find a new garage. Clutches don't cause cutting out problems, and if you're complaining about having to replace a battery on a 10 year old car you've owned for 3 and a bit months, you need to take a little more care when parting with your cash. The signs would have been there for months before it finally failed. You miss them, and then blame the car.

The clutch doesn't need doing, and the battery is a consumable basically. The alternator is the only "true" expense here, assuming it really did need changing and at 10yrs, it's had a good innings. If your mechanic wants to fit a new clutch to stop the car cutting out, I seriously have my doubts there was anything wrong with the alternator anyway.

1997 Ford KA 2 1.3 Endura E from UK and Ireland


An ideal car for a new driver


Both sills required fairly extensive welding in order to pass the MOT.

New front brake discs and pads fitted due to corrosion. Prior to purchase, the car had been standing for the best part of a year, which probably contributed to that problem.

Slight rust on both sills below the rear edge of each door. The paint is bubbling around the filler flap and rear wiper.

Loose connection on the blower motor module. Pulling the plug out and re-fitting it does the trick!

General Comments:

My wife is learning to drive. We settled on a Ka because it is small, reasonably cheap to run and cheap to tax and insure. It is also one of the few cars small enough to fit on our drive, and still leave room for my Mondeo!

We looked at several Kas before buying this one, and most the same age as this seem to suffer with most of the faults mentioned above.

Comfort & practicality:

The ride is surprisingly good for a small car.

You tend to rub shoulders with the front seat passenger, but it is a very small car after all. The front seats can get a little uncomfortable after half an hour or so.

As you would expect, there is not much leg room in the back, although it is fine for kids.

As you would expect, the boot is tiny, but you can get a few bags of shopping in.

Very little storage space in the front. The glove box is barely big enough for a pair of gloves! There is a useful storage compartment on the right hand side in the back.


Not a fast car by any stretch of the imagination, but nippy enough around town. The engine doesn't like to be revved hard, but there isn't really the need because it 'power band' (relative term!) is quite low down. Good progress can be made by keeping the engine 'on song', and making good use of the gear box.

It will quite happily cruise at 70mph, but runs out of steam at anything above that. But not too shabby for an engine design which is about 40 years old!

It is returning around 34mpg around town, which is probably not as good as more modern small cars.


Great - just like a little go-kart! Not a vast amount of grip from the relatively skinny tyres, but plenty of feel. Very chuckable.


This is the '2' version, so has power steering, electric windows, rear head restraints and 'seat pack' - which as far as I can tell adds luggage nets to the backs of the front seats, and height adjustment to the driver's seat.

Build quality:

Not brilliant. Typical ten year old Ford really, but quite adequate for this type of car.


A small, no nonsense, cheap to run, easy to drive car. I wouldn't like to drive it a long distance, but I have my Mondeo for that. But it makes an excellent local runabout.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2007