1997 Ford KA 2 1.3 from UK and Ireland


92,000 miles in 2 years! Not bad!!!


Rear suspension struts replaced under warranty after 3000 miles.

New clutch at 56000 miles (I used the car for driving instruction).

Carpets became baggy.

Some minor rusting/poor paint work.

General Comments:

I loved my Ka and miss it very much.

My sister has just bought a 2001 model and it seem to have lost a bit of its character.

I replaced it with a 1.2 16 valve Fiesta which had a great engine, but was nowhere near as fun.

Mine was painted a colour called Electric Current even the paint was cool!!!

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Review Date: 20th December, 2001

6th Oct 2002, 17:26

May I ask how on earth you covered 92,000 miles in 2 years in any car, let alone a Ka?! That is a remarkable feat, well done!!

18th Nov 2003, 16:30

Well, I was a driving instructor for the first year and covered 60-000 miles (Many with pupils at the wheel) and went back to Uni for the second year 30-000 miles. Now considering a SportKA.

1997 Ford KA 2 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Ka could be the only car you'll ever need!


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

This is one cute little car with some really great design features on it. Appeals to both male and female drivers.

With a wheel at it each corner it handles really well and the engine is smooth and delivers the right amount of power for a car of this size and class.

I find the front seats are not as comfortable as they are in some older cars. However they are more comfortable than the horrible things fitted in Vauxhalls, Rovers, Citroens etc. these days.

The space in the boot is restricted slightly, but the cabin space is fantastic for its class, having a high roofline.

Our Ka is shared between two people with very different driving requirements and both love it!

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Review Date: 31st January, 2001

1997 Ford KA 3 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Could have been a lot better


Earth failure on the rear hatch causing the rear wiper and window heater to fail.

Heater relay pack in the footwell burnt out - probably trodden on by child's size 10 shoes - poorly sited.

Rust in the door frame edges - in the line of fire from road grit thrown up by the front wheels - should be protected by plastic covers.

Rear silencer detached from the exhaust pipe.

Speed sensor for the engine management system failed, causing the car to fail to slow down when your foot is taken off the accelerator - THIS IS A SERIOUS FAULT.

Driver's door lock fell out.

Alloy wheels weld themselves on to the hubs making them almost impossible to remove on the roadside. Can be prevented by using silicone grease on surfaces.

Rear side window fixing studs are rusting.

General Comments:

Body panels very easily dented.

Alloy wheels easily damaged by pot holes.

Unimpressive fuel consumption for a small car with a small engine.

Gutless performance especially when the air-con is turned on - need to turn the air-con off if anything like spritely acceleration is needed.

Lots of style and quite fun to drive, but spoilt by an ancient engine, poor design and crap build quality.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2000

13th Sep 2001, 13:12

There's loads of these cars that are ex-rental and ex-driving school motors. Sounds like what you've bought, as a '97 Ka should not have the problems you describe unless it has accident damage etc.

30th Sep 2001, 07:26

Although I have been pretty content with my Ka2, I also have the same problem with the speed sensor even after Ford claimed to have fixed it.

Another problem has been the extreme difficulty in removing spark plugs as they have rusted in solid after only 10,000 miles use. This has happened twice!

1997 Ford KA 2 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Apart from the rust, a good car


2 larges patches of rust have appeared, one at each side of the car, inside the door frame and underneath the heavy rubber seal which runs around the door frame. The patches are completely symmetrical and have formed around a seam (join) in the metal of the door frame at each side of the car.

General Comments:

Ford UK say that this is not covered by the 6 year rust warranty and are refusing to accept responsibility for what would seem to be a manufacturing fault...

This car has been kept in a garage when not in use and has been cared for in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. It is (apart from the rust) in excellent condition.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2000

7th Apr 2005, 13:57

I have had the same problem.

I have a millennium (yellow) ford KA, and it has rust in the same places as described above. On the door frame, in the bottom corner.

I took it to a Ford garage today, where they've taken photos, and I am now waiting to hear back.

Apart from that, its been a very good, reliable car.

8th Aug 2009, 11:24

I have a W reg KA bought eighteen months ago by private sale. It has cost me almost as much as I paid for it to get it through two M.O.T's; all to do with rust. I tend to look closely at other KA's and most of them seem to have rust round the petrol cap. Mine is also on the door casing (sorry female description) and underneath. The mechanic described KA's as disposable cars! Unlike my income.

26th Oct 2009, 11:47

Our 53 plate KA has just cost us £200 to have the rust around the petrol cap made good, all the rest of the bodywork is in good condition. Garage said it was a common fault, so why haven't Ford done something about it and paid for the repairs, I have since seen many other KA's around with same problem, maybe we need Anne Robinson on the case!

27th Oct 2009, 02:28

This is a very common fault on the Ka, along with underside surface rust.

The fuel filler area was not coated well enough on the inside on the production line and is badly affected by condensation.

Thing is - you could buy the base Ka for £4995 new in 2003, and 6 years use for around £800 per year is cheap, even if you had to throw it away now.

If you have a Ka not affected yet by this rust, it would be wise to gain access inside the panel, dry the area out, apply Kurust, then waxoyl when dry.

The Ka is known for rust issues, but is a very cheap and fun car. You can't expect recall after 6 years for a non-structural rust issue.