1999 Ford KA Collection 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Simple, reliable and loveable


Exhaust needed replacing about every year.

Two suspension springs broke and needed replacing.

Rust around sills and petrol filler area.

Air intake control temperamental.

Front suspension arms needed replacing at 55k.

Wiper blades needed replacing about every 5 months.

General Comments:

Apart from some general wear and tear, and an annoying tendency to rust, this was actually a reliable little car.

Being from the first generation of the KA, it had a simple, well established (old!) Ford engine which was noisy and tappy, but never let me down.

Performance was rubbish, in terms of acceleration at least, but this is after all a city car and for city driving was unbeatable.

Unfortunately I needed a car to cross the Pennines regularly, and it wasn't really fit for purpose. Still, a cheap and simple car that was reliable and fun to drive.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2009

1999 Ford KA 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Money magnet


The idle fuel injection valve has been replaced twice in the last two years £60 a pop.

I have no rust at all on the car it is 7 years old now lucky eh.

I cannot seem to lock my doors as my key will not open them again a expense I cannot afford.

Heating has blown three times now common problem on all fords,last time it caught fire and melted all my wires.

Rear bearing need replacing again they were done 3 years ago.

General Comments:

I have had a big problem with brake fluid leaks last one cost me £220 to fix.

Rear wiper works sometimes.

But what gets me is I have to take out the battery every time I need to change a light bulb from lack of hand space.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2007

1999 Ford KA 1.3i from UK and Ireland


Good for women or city drivers!


This car was given to me from my Nan, before it was given to me it experienced a few crashes, and then sat their for a while.

When I got the car, I changed the front springs (broken), also had service and oil change etc...

Clutch went at 19,000 miles (this was the 4th clutch to go on the car, my nan wasn't a very good driver and had to travel up and down many hills lol)

Anyway, the left wishbone went at 22,000 miles, snapped while driving, the right wishbone was seized up.

I now have a squeaky noise coming from the left wheel somewhere! (currently at around 24,000 miles)

General Comments:

Ford KA's are good run abouts if looked after, don't buy 1 with problems. They are quite fast off the mark and getting up to speed, but sluggish when it comes to the motorways.

For the size of the car, the inside is very spacious and I know many 6ft tall ppl who were surprised with the amount of head-space and legroom.

On a long journey the seats can be quite uncomfortable.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2006

1999 Ford KA 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Cheap as chips but will cost you in the long run


Coolant tank split within three weeks of owning the Ka.

New brake discs and pads on second service.

Complete new exhaust at three years old the other fell off.

Since the fourth service, I have had the following:

Knocking noise coming from dash (heating valve I am told).

New brakes and rear cylinders (brake fluid leaking) at fourth service.

Spark plug corroded into head. Yet to have this fixed.

Makes noise like it has a sports box on the back it doesn't!

Get the occasional burning smell coming into the car, think it now needs a new clutch.

Bumpers sticking out from the wings.

Condensation in headlight!

General Comments:

I absolutely loved my Ka until this year. It was (and to some extent still is) a nippy little drive and brilliant on corners. However, it has just turned five years old and is falling apart. It doesn't drive like it used to and so far this year I have paid over £500 on the bits that have gone wrong. The next thing is the clutch and the corroded spark plug! What next!

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Review Date: 30th April, 2004

24th Mar 2005, 19:10

Five years old... Looked after or not? miles are where? and mostly maintained?.. Come on be fair.. there are thousands of moving parts in a car.. BE FAIR.

15th Apr 2005, 09:32

To the comments of the cars is only five years old that is still a fair bit that's gone wrong with the car!

Regardless of how many mails it done I agree it shoud'nt be that bad.

Don't think that I want a ka now!!!