2000 Ford KA from UK and Ireland


Very good run about


Starting to get sill corrosion - does anyone know if you have to have had the car serviced by the dealer to comply with the manufactures corrosion warranty?

General Comments:

Great car for tall learner drivers (6'7")

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Review Date: 1st July, 2006

2000 Ford KA GL Image 1.0 - 8v from Brazil


It worths the price


In the brand new car the cigarette lighter was missing.

Clutch system seems to be worn with just 50,000 Kilometers.

Brakes became poor even after service with the replacement of pads and fluid.

Steering box with strange noises.

Many light bulbs burnout too soon, specially for brake-lights, which is an important safety item.

General Comments:

Its design proposal is modern and elegant. A beautiful car.

Handling is super even considering the Ford KA is a very small car. It is very stable indeed. It performs curves very nicely and feels safe at any speed.

Driver seat is a little short for the legs, but comfortable. However in the rear seats there is not enough room even for only two people.

Interior revetment is made of tough plastic, which produces many noises within the years. Some of this parts, like the door panels and internal pillar revetments now have some slots.

Dashboard is well arranged and instruments are easy to read, but the missing of the temperature indicator is incomprehensible. Also the the glove box is too small, and uncovered.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004

2000 Ford KA Luxury 1.3 from UK and Ireland


A Jaguar want to be Rip off


Leather seats began to show heavy wear. Cold January mornings meant trouble stating.

Gear stick broken.

Won't go out of 3rd gear on damp morning

Sometimes stalls at traffic lights.

Usually starts after a couple of seconds of the engine turning over.

Once left for a month and battery went flat.

Air con lowers performance.

Cam shaft drive belt broke in second year.

Exhaust problems

No problems recently.

General Comments:

This car sticks to the road when thrown round bends.

Will do 100mph, but bad to keep it up.

80-90 mph very addictive.

Fifth gear difficult to get into. Sometimes slips into third.

Comfortable little car.

Gets people looking.

Nice CD player.

Nice silver.

Good factory alloys.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2003

2000 Ford KA 1 1.3 OHV injection from UK and Ireland


The car to put you off Ford for life!


Fuel Tank Seal missing on purchase.

Radio replaced 3 times.

Front bushes replaced twice in 2 years.

Steering Rack replaced after on year and PAS pump noisy.

Persistent leaks of power steering fluid.

"Ford Disco Effect" rear light clusters.

Clutch replaced at 35000 miles.

Spare Wheel, impossible to remove without considerable strength being needed.

Rear Wiper intermittent in operation.

Carpet comes away to reveal wiring.

General Comments:

After owning the car for only 2 hours, £20 of petrol leaked over a garage forecourt, due to a missing seal that had been overlooked, dealer refused to recover car and had to be driven in an unsafe condition.

Persistant rubbing noise from front of car explained to be worn brake pads by dealer, the noise was still there after they were changed and was subsequently found to be worn bushes in the front suspension, which the dealer refused to replace under warranty.

The radio failed 3 times in the first year, after the third time the dealer refused to replace it again, they also ordered the wrong radio, even though the car was at the dealership.

When the dealer had the car, they refused to provide a courtesy car, and refused to help me with transport to my place of work.

The PAS system started to lose fluid and would work intermittently, once again the dealer refused to stand over the vehicle and I was quoted £485+VAT for the steering rack alone, as the suspension bushed had worn out for the second time, as well, the total quote from the dealer was £983.

The clutch started slipping at 35000 miles and was replaced, the reversing light never worked after this.

The rear lights started to flash on and off and when braking the indicator would light up at both front and rear, the indicator would not function under braking.

The general level of finish was very poor in comparison to previous Ford vehicles I have owned, the carpet was poorly fitted and the plastic dashboard became grubby in a short space of time.

The spare wheel, for a car aimed at women drivers was very hard to remove and replace, replacement involved lying on the ground holding the wheel up with one hand, whilst another person tightened the retaining bolt.

Our local Ford dealer was unhelpful in the extreme, once the car was purchased, they lost all interest in it, and refused to honour warranty agreements and were generally a disappointment in comparison to dealers for other marques.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2003

25th Apr 2003, 08:42

We read this report with horror as we're thinking of buying a Ford Ka. I think you also need to question the morals of the dealer who sold the car to you and contact your local Trading standards office for advice. Are you able to name and shame the dealers in your report? It would help people to think twice before buying.