1976 Ford LTD Country Squire 10 Passenger 460V8 from North America


Family memories live inside of this wagon


Had replaced all of the power window motors, along with putting new tires and a battery. Plus, it was inspected.

General Comments:

My wife and I had one of these when our 5 kids were very young. Ours was a dark brown colored one with dark brown leather interior. We had ours for 7 years before trading it in for a Chevrolet Suburban. We missed that wagon.

Back in 2008, we surfed the Internet looking for 1 that looked just like ours, and we found it. The wagon was located in Tennessee. We called the owner. He was asking $2500 for it. The owner said that the wagon was always garage kept, and never driven in bad weather.

So we rented a car and drove from New Jersey just to see the car. When we saw it, it was exactly like ours. So we gave the owner the money, and it was homeward bound to New Jersey where it was going to stay forever. It ran great, too!

We took care of what needed to be taken of to it. It looks like brand new!! Then we told all of kids to come to the house one weekend. When they saw the wagon, they were shocked. They asked us what we paid for it, and where we got it. Then we took the kids for a ride in the wagon that they do so remember when they were kids. Lots of memories were in that one. This one ices the cake. They loved it then, and love this one even more so.

It runs perfectly, and it still has the original 8 track player. It rides like new. It is such a comfortable wagon. And yes, gas mileage is not that good.

Do we plan on keeping it? Definitely. We love it to death. Even our grandchildren love it.

Trust us, they do not make vehicles like this anymore. These were great family wagons, and still are. It is big both inside and outside.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2009

16th Jun 2009, 07:29

Good for you for seeking out this gem! These were wonderful cars from a wonderful time in America - all down hill since then I'm afraid. Back then the average American worker could drive around in a huge land yacht with a 6+ litre V8, now he's lucky if he can afford a 2 litre four cylinder tin can.

1976 Ford LTD 4 Door 351 from North America


One of the best cars I've owned!


Needed to replace belts and have a tune-up, recharge air conditioning, set timing chain.

General Comments:

Great car, even though it's a "classic" and getting up there in years, it's a great ride.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2003