16th Jun 2009, 12:02

"It runs perfectly, and it still has the original 8 track player."

What a great story.

If you do play some old 8 tracks like I did a few years ago, be aware that after all these years, the adhesive that glues the tape together in a continuous loop most likely will have let go. So when you play the tape, it comes apart and possibly gets all tangled up in the player, wound up around a capstan, and you have to take a knife to trim it off. So get any tapes refurbished before playing them. Sorry I don't know who can do that though.

15th Feb 2010, 02:14

We had a brown one when I was a kid as well, would like to get one myself like that car, my favorite of my childhood. I am looking at a blue Squire right now.

30th Mar 2012, 21:17

That's thanks to inflation and other factors...

31st Mar 2012, 10:17

I have a classic car, and saved the factory radio, and had a professional put in a modern unit without cutting. They have stock look radios with CD IPOD with flip downs. Or just listen to FM.

31st Mar 2012, 15:28

Due to de-unionization, globalization, 'free trade', and numerous other pro-rich, anti-worker policies implemented since Reagan started us down the road to perdition.

2nd Apr 2012, 07:53

Wow, we get all that over an old station wagon.

4th Apr 2012, 23:46

I have fond memories of these old wagons as well. I grew up in a large family, so we always had big wagons with the rear facing "jumper seats" in the back. My moms Pontiac Safari wagon was famous for having 10 or 12 kids in it coming back from baseball or hockey practice. Ah the memories of the good old days...

A few years ago I found a 1986 Ford Country Squire wagon for sale, complete with fake wood panel and roof rack. I bought it at a fair price, then brought it home in the summer when visiting my family. It was a surprise, everyone loved it, and it brought back great memories for all of us. I keep it in storage for the winter as it's a classic and I have 2 other vehicles, but it's a lot of fun to take it out in the summer. It turns a lot of heads and you cannot stop at a gas station without someone admiring or asking about it. It gets more attention than you would think. To anyone considering buying one, do it, they are sure to appreciate in value. It will never be worth as much as let's say a 67 Camaro, but there are still a lot of people who love these old wagons.

It's great to reminisce about the good old days. I love the nostalgia my car brings to everyone.

5th Apr 2012, 13:32

I saw a rare Chevelle wagon special order with a 396 4 speed at the Hagley car show last year. I figured it's a family guy that wanted the best of both sports model with a family to consider. I saw the build sheet and window sticker.

I was also in the show with my 70 Chevelle SS 396 4 speed as well. Many makes of older wagons had rear faced seats, some models had roof fixed sky windows. Also tailgates that drop or swing open as doors. Wagons were passe for a while with the advent of new minivans. It's cool they are having a resurgence in popularity.

7th Apr 2012, 01:37

"I love the nostalgia my car brings to everyone."

Same here! I own 3 old cars: '79 Town Car, '83 Mark VI and a '90 Crown Victoria. All winter stored to keep them around for years to come :)

31st Mar 2016, 19:52

Why would anyone "refurbish" 8-track tapes; it's not like they are going to ever play them or anything.

Leave the "original 8-track player" in the dash with a "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack tape permanently stuck in it for looks, and hide a decent car stereo in the glovebox for actual listening.

1st Apr 2016, 09:40

I would take it totally out while operational. And set it inside. The next owner has a working factory system now kept inside, safely stored in a heated home. If they want to go back to stock, fine. Having owned many old cars, I like reversible upgrades. Going from drums to discs, getting rid of points, going 12 volt, adding power steering, brakes, radial tires etc. The car is safer as well. The next person can remove and go stock again. Some cars even had factory CB like in the Corvette. Personally I switch to a really great hidden sound system with hidden amp and sub. The only tell tale indicator is a pair of black grilles on the rear deck. The other speakers are under the factory dash pad. And opening my trunk and seeing the spare tire is gone with an amp and sub. Nothing like driving a cool car with a great system playing a Doors CD. And having a hand held remote to keep from reaching to the dash! Who needs 8 tracks?

1st Apr 2016, 22:49

I agree with your comment. Leave the original in the dash and hide the new one in the glove box. That way you don't alter or cut out pieces of the dash for the aftermarket to properly fit.

2nd Apr 2016, 15:40

Today there are outstanding systems made for vintage automobiles that retain the retro look. I couldn't stand an AM radio. I made the mistake cutting up my glovebox insert once and couldn't find a replacement. In fact in modern cars they have superior systems that involve cutting zero wires. There are actually systems that look retro but have a lift up stereo plate. In fact I even have a modern car battery in my car with a correct looking retro top with the old screw in battery cap look. My son added retro A/C in his Mustang. My amp and sub are hidden in the trunk. And you can add a CD changer too in the trunk. No way am I cutting up a glove box and reaching my system by opening a door from the passenger side.

Lastly, are you really going to seriously devalue a mid 70s Ford LTD? My sound system cost 1500 and I am sure it would add value not detract. On even short cruises it's one of the best things to improve the experience.

2nd Apr 2016, 22:32

If you want to spend $1500 on a stereo system, go right ahead, that's your choice. I would rather spend that on engine upgrades. When I had my classic I kept the stock stereo. I don't need the entire street listening, as long as I can hear it. Just driving it with the windows down and hearing the nice V8 rumble was an experience alone. I love my rock & roll, but to me custom stereos are a waste.

2nd Apr 2016, 23:59

A CD changer?

Talk about retro...

3rd Apr 2016, 14:27

The nice stereo system goes very well with a 4 grand steering wheel. When you turn the stereo system up, hit the mild to wild exhaust mode to enjoy both. I also like to quickly change my music era on my Sirius system. The AM tin box sound isn't for me. Or spending time with tweezers picking out a shredded 8 track out of a dash.

3rd Apr 2016, 18:17

Well, at least somebody still listens to 8-tracks, but, really, "engine upgrades" on a Country Squire?