1994 Ford LTD DCII 4.0L 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Ahead of its time with more features than a space shuttle


Nothing in the 4 months I've driven it.

But when I got it, the front speakers were fuzzy, orange illumination of the main dials in front of steering wheel were gray and dull, metal louvre on the inside of rear window hadn't been taken off, obviously because the rear window was very dirty, and sometimes hard to see out of.

Just little things really.

General Comments:

Fantastic car! Very smooth; the faster you drive on the road, the more the car tends to float over the bumps kinda like a Cadillac. That's the thing I love most about it.

Plenty of power when you need it; has a power button and four gears to play with, gets up hills with ease.

Mine has a fully velour interior, which is good for its age because a 1994 model with the standard leather seats would have been uncomfortable.

Some come with sunroofs, but not mine.

It has a subwoofer and six stacker in the boot as standard equipment, woodgrain along the doors and in the middle of the dash, and also around the shifter and power window buttons.

Remote/keyless entry with excellent security and tibbe locks. Central locking, climate control, power mirrors; ahead of its time.

A very long car. The long wheelbase is so bad for parking and reversing. No good on corners of course, but excellent for freeway driving.

It's sitting on 2000RPM at 110Km/h with the redline being 5000RPM, so an awesome economy low profile car. Although low RPM's mean if you put your foot down, it will change down 1 or 2 gears automatically, which can be annoying, so I just manually change down, which is easily done.

All power options work great, except the rear windows power down slowly because the rubber seals are hard, and one window has scratches from it!

Electric seats are great fun. I rarely get to sit in the back, but when I do it's heavenly comfortable, and of course roomy, which brings me to my next point.

Sitting in the drivers seat, the visibility outside the car isn't too great. The rear view mirror is quite wide and seems like it fills the entire windscreen from my point of view, and that's with the seat lowered as well. I am average height, and when I stop to look both ways, I find myself leaning forward to check.

Very nice chrome grille and hood ornament, although I replaced it with a gold Cadillac hood ornament, very nice.

Very clean lines, clear front indicators, body coloured door handles and sidestrips as well as plastic chrome lower sidestrips.

This car is unique; not many around and only 1800 of these made, and they were $59000 when new I think. Ford never made too many LTD's, and now they aren't making them at all. Forget Fairlane and the lesser Fairmont, get the flagship luxury model.

They stopped making this model in March 1995, and this model is the last model that was LTD unique before they started giving it a Falcon body and look. I will be getting a 1997 DL V8 model for my next car; the AU models made around 2000 are ugly in my opinion. Lots of LTD's on LPG now too.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2007

9th Aug 2007, 07:35


Fords are great. Silicone release spray is the one to be used for your window runners.

Sounds like an excellent car you love. Keep it.

No reason why newer ones are better.

I have a 10 year old EL. It runs REALLY nicely, handles, rides exactly how I want my cars to.

Well over 200,000 kms on it, can't imagine it stopping till well after 400,000 kms.

Take care.

2nd Sep 2008, 08:30

Hi there.

I'm considering purchasing a 94 LTD. Thanks for your review, it's helped me along with my decision. I was thinking about maybe a Fairmont or Fairlane of the same year, but I agree with you and I might as well go the whole way. Apparently most of them came out in a V8, which wasn't all that economical I've heard, hopefully I can still find one with the 6 cylinder engine for sale :S.


12th Jul 2012, 04:38

Go for the V8. It's more thirsty but it'll go forever. The 6 cylinder is cheap to run, but works hard for the weight. I have a NCII 1994, and I wish I'd bought the V8; the 6 cylinder works when the car is full of passengers.