28th Oct 2007, 14:28

To ryan:

Appropriate mechanical parts for any 73-78 LTD are no problem. you can find most of what you need at advance auto parts or auto zone with no problem-and at VERY reasonable cost. some of those parts might be universal (that is, suitable for use on a number of different models), but they will work just fine. moldings, bumpers and the like are scarcer, but probably available online and also at junkyards.

A couple of key points: keep these old behemoths TUNED! that means every 12,000 miles or so. otherwise they will miss and sputter, and that will cost you dearly at the gas pump (at best you'll get 15 around town and low 20s on a trip doing 55 on the highway). remember also to replace the wires when you change the spark plugs. repair records for these cars were above average (lower than average repair incidence). the main weak spots in the 74s were troublesome steering and suspension systems. my 74 had a binding steering gear that squalled annoyingly in turns.

All told, a good, solid old car that will be a good friend to you. what you pay out in gas will be offset by the low cost of maintenance. I wish you well, and certainly hope you get one.

28th Aug 2010, 06:26

Hi, I just bought a 1974 Ford Ltd Aug. 26 2010 with 39,153 original miles. I was wondering if it would be worth selling or keeping it. The is interior in fair condition, body needs paint, got 1 small dent in front passenger fender, and that's it. A/C!!! still works, and even has the original radio and speakers.

29th Aug 2010, 01:41

Keep rolling with the "barge-body" LTD! These cars have minimal electronics and are very good for the backyard mechanic. Mechanical parts are still attainable, but body parts are another story, especially if you live outside the USA.

29th Aug 2010, 12:36

I always get a laugh out of the import fans who talk about domestic cars not lasting. There are NO '74 Japanese cars still in existence. The frames and bodies are now rusted back into nothing. Every day I see 70's Ford and GM cars in my area. My family currently owns a '55 Pontiac (100% original) a 1967 Dodge and a 1970 Dodge. One of my neighbors owns a beautiful 1975 Pinto. Older domestics are everywhere.

28th Mar 2016, 06:48

Glad someone made clear the distinction of GVWR vs. curb weight, because I've often misjudged the weight of these large, older cars, not realizing they're not nearly as heavy as one might think.

29th Mar 2016, 10:46

Even this model you could sell for more than it cost new. My domestics (not this model) have appreciated to the point to where I am hesitant to drive them. I wouldn't sink a lot of money into restoring this model. But if you find a well kept example, it should not cost a lot mechanically to enjoy. I especially like 2 door luxury cars from the past. One of my favorites is my friend's loaded 73 Thunderbird. A very pretty model.

29th Mar 2016, 19:37

"Even this model you could sell for more than it cost new."

Uh, no, you couldn't. Did you even read the review? "Horrible interior" with mismatched seats. Even a good original condition '74 LTD would not be likely to sell for more than its $4500-$5000 new sticker price.

30th Mar 2016, 12:59

Not buying his car. A nice condition one, sure you could get 4-5k.

On another note... In the muscle car realm it's hard finding an above average condition one today for even 10k. And I am being fairly broad based with that comment. I love owning cars that hold value. Have fun for a while and even move up. Plus have fun driving them. This would be a decent weekend cruiser.

30th Mar 2016, 17:20

Why is it that half of the reviews here now seem to be for late 70s, big land yachts?

30th Mar 2016, 22:29

Probably because there are so many still in existence. And that they are fun for weekend cruises and going out to dinner with the family. I've owned a few myself. Also beats having just the boring small weekday commuter. Find a really nice one and check all of this out. You only live once so have fun.

31st Mar 2016, 04:03

Because there are people who own or have owned one and would like to post a review about it. Why, what kind of reviews do you prefer?