11th Sep 2007, 15:48

Ford Maverick has always been my favorite car since I was a kid. I'm 37 now & had owned different makes & models, but finally I managed to find and buy a Maverick 73.

I'm telling you is the most powerful head turner, and yet gallant and manly car I ever had.

There is no need for a brand new shiny car when you´re riding on a Maverick; the solely sound of those thundery horsepower under the hood rewards every cent I had spent on it.

Please Gents. Don't ever say a Maverick is ugly.

26th Nov 2007, 08:43

I cannot believe that ANYONE would find the Maverick UGLY! Mavs are awesome little cars. I owned a 1970 (was Orange) when I was in my early 20's and could kick myself for selling it. Now, all these years later, I have another--a green 1975. If you don't like your Mav, I encourage you to sell it to someone who will appreciate it. These cars are precious time capsules--sell it to someone who will love her and take care of it.

27th Nov 2007, 06:33

I once helped a guy buy a cheap, used Maverick by checking it out for him mechanically. In this case, it was ugly because somebody had spray-painted it blue despite having a green interior. After I got the straight-6 tuned up, and rebuilt the carburetor, it was a nice running little car. "Ugly" is subjective, but I'm endeared to a nice little car that runs and drives well.

21st Nov 2011, 18:27

Sorry. They were ugly. They don't build them like they used to. In this case, that's a good thing.

2nd Mar 2012, 22:19

Dude, if you think Mavericks are ugly, what do you think looks good?

3rd Mar 2012, 22:27

Anything but a Maverick LOL.

4th Mar 2012, 16:27

The Maverick was better looking than any compact import of that time, that's for sure.

5th Mar 2012, 21:36

What is attractive is the mid sixties Fairlanes, early 60s Galaxies big block 4 speeds. I never liked the Falcon's and later Maverick's styling. They were more an economy car, not a real performance model like a Mustang.

Another odd car was the Ford Capri. It was a nod toward an import economy model as well.

7th Oct 2012, 04:21

I've got a 75 Maverick, and despite its age, it is the most reliable car I've ever owned. And even if it does eventually break down, all I need to fix it is a wrench and screwdriver.

I've got the 200 I6, and get about 26 to the gallon in an old school car that looks mean and fast. I get complements on it all the time, and have people try to buy it off me on a weekly basis. If you can get your hands on one in good shape for cheap, I'd say do so! They make great resto mods, and are extremely inexpensive for what you get.

7th Oct 2012, 11:00

At least the Maverick had a distinctive style, unlike all of the melted jelly-bean cars of today. Hey but what do I know? - I loved the Falcon when it was introduced too (still do).

7th Oct 2012, 19:45

These are nice looking cars, but the 6s aren't not worth the mediocre gas mileage/performance.