23rd Jan 2006, 21:59

The 69 1/2 maverick part is true, but it is a 1970 maverick. not sold as a 69 or 69 1/2 just 70. key on dash 170 or 200cid inline six no v8 offered until 71. I have an early 1970, my dad bought it new for my mom, I got it in 1986 for my first car and still have it.

3rd Oct 2006, 19:47

I owned and resto - modified a 69.5 Maverick and I miss her too!

Many of the regular Maverick parts were interchangeable, but in some cases I had to ask for FALCON parts for things like the suspension and ball joints.

Awesome little cars!

17th Dec 2008, 19:49

I have a 69 1/2 Maverick made in May of 69, it has the key ignition on the dash and the front fenders are very light weight metal. I replaced every piece of the drum brakes to keep it rolling until I do discs. It has the original 200 ci engine and gets good gas mileage. Does anyone know where to get a clutch kit for it? It uses the 9 inch pressure plate and it currently has a T5 Borg Warner transmission in it, but it is slipping for some reason.

This car has fairly similar specs of the 67 Mustang Fastback, which I really regret selling in 1989, but the Maverick has a better front to rear weight distribution ratio, making it a better cornering vehicle. I nearly lost my 67 Fastback on a Boquet canyon road on a tight corner, I had 50 series BF Goodrich tires on the rear otherwise I would have flipped it, instead I counter steered several times and had a near heart attack.

I loved that Fastback, but this Maverick is better balanced, lighter in weight and currently cost about $20,000.00 cheaper. The width and length are nearly the same, and the Maverick has a semi Fastback design to it. And of course several Mustang parts fit the Maverick.

I was thinking of selling my Maverick, but keep remembering my 67 Fastback mistake in 1989. My pink slip says 1970 Ford Maverick, first sold May 8th of 1969 and I think usually cars made before the first 6 months of a year are usually called a 1/2 year model of that year.

18th Jan 2011, 21:19

We owned a 1969 1/2 Ford Maverick... the color was Cinnamon... got it in June 1969... it had just come out... it was a wedding gift from my parents... wish we still had it!