20th Dec 2006, 06:41

Mavericks are very sought after by teenagers today.

The maverick stallion is very collectible.

In 1976 ford produced 5500 of them. That's all.

If I had 1 of 5500 made, I would never get rid of it.

$800 for a stallion, wow, great deal.

20th Dec 2006, 15:00

I have said it once and I will say it again, low quantity does not equal collector status. They could of only made 2 Mavericks in 1976 and they STILL WOULD NOT BE COLLECTIBLES. In order for a car to be a collectible, it had to be desired when new. This will be as collectible as a Ford Contour.

2nd Jul 2007, 21:28

I own a 1976 Ford Maverick that I had gotten free from a friend. He had problems trying to figure out why it wasn't charging the battery. I said "i want it". so we went down and got the title changed over. I took it home... and I peeked over at the starting solenoid... and he had the power output cable from the alternator plugged into the starter side of it... i just swapped it over.. and it worked like a charm. I have had my car for about 6 years now, and it is still running like a charm. It has been the best and the most funnest vehicle I have ever had. People are drawn to it from all over. I get comments about how good it looks, all the time. I get offers from people who want to buy it, but I tell them no. It is my all time favorite car. I am going to keep it forever, and eventually restore it.

Engine= I6 250 4.1L

Transmission= C4 Automatic

Color= Solid Orange.

14th Jul 2007, 21:12

I am a former owner of a 1976 Ford Maverick Stallion. I bought it brand new in January,1976. I drove this car every day for 8 years and never had any mechanical problems with it. The only 2 problems were with the tires, Firestone 500's and rust above the headlights on the front fenders.

This automobile was equipped with a 6 cylinder 250 cubic engine and it ran great. The mpg's were great, also.

When I sold this car in 1984,I had amassed 118,000 miles on the odometer! That was a lot of mileage in those good 'ole days.

My Stallion also was equipped with bucket seats,3 speed manual transmission and power steering. The interior color was black and the exterior was black/yellow.

I wish that I had kept this car. It was a pleasure to drive.


6th Jun 2008, 19:56

Hope those of you still have your collectible mavericks. I also have a 1976 Maverick Stallion with a 302 V-8 and 4 speed manual transmission. It is fast, sporty, and very fun to drive while getting up to 18 mpg. It gets attention everywhere I go. There is a continually growing collectible market out there and the values are only going up.


7th Jun 2008, 10:47

"20th Dec 2006, 15:00.

In order for a car to be a collectible it had to be desired when new."

This is absolutely not true. Just look at the 1970 Plymouth Superbird. They were so unpopular that many dealers actually took off the nose cone and rear wing, and converted them back into Chargers after 2 years of sitting on the lot. Now good luck trying to find one for under $100,000.

In fact, it is the cars that are touted as "collectible" when made that nobody cares about in 10 years. Collectible cars are those that were an oddity when made, and after the years go by, people with disposable income remember how cool they thought they were and would like one again. Any new car embossed with "Collector's Edition" will be about as collectible as the Elvis plates from the Franklin Mint that turn up at garage sales for 50 cents.

27th Sep 2009, 19:20

Just wanted to let you all know I still have the Stallion and it's still running fine. Finally had to put in another can of R12 after nine years of use, and I had to replace the windshield gasket, but all is still fine.

30th Oct 2009, 21:16

As a ten year old our family had a Maverick Stallion. It was 3 years old with very low mileage. This is one of the many "muscle cars" we had during my childhood that I still talk about! I myself do consider this to be a very collectible car. I myself also have owned a 76 SE Anniversary T/A and a 75 Hurst W25 Olds. Maybe these wouldn't be considered "collectible" either, but to me these are pretty rare cars. Today I am happy to see a Pinto or a Vega, and as a child I would have scoffed at these. By the way we also had Charger R/T's Mustangs and we even had a 70 Dodge Super Bee! But I guess maybe I wouldn't know what a muscle car is. I would keep that Stallion until I died. Beautiful cars! What does the Maverick scoffer have?

Pete Martinez.

4th Jan 2010, 20:53

I have a 1976 Ford Maverick that I am trying to rebuild. It runs great, already did the engine, now it just needs body work. Does anyone know where I can get such things as rear quarters, left and right, and other body related parts?

20th Jun 2011, 09:37

I owned a 1976 Ford Maverick Stallion for 17 years, over 203,000 miles on the straight 6 250 CID with no problems other than replacing the water pump once. It was my first car so I ran it pretty hard but it held up very well.

Wished I would've kept it but ran out of room in the garage/driveway. One fantastic car, Ford got this one right.

28th Sep 2011, 23:14

I still have the Stallion. Still running great. I won't get rid of it. It does finally need a new motor. The old 250 is worn out. Still runs OK, but oil consumption is high. I have a 72 200 in a parts car I bought for $200. Putting in new seals and checking clearances. Will do the swap in a couple of weekends.

7th Oct 2011, 19:01

I had a 1976 Ford Maverick Grabber, and to my surprise it had a 302 Boss engine in it! Kept it for several years, swapped it off, and now I wished I'd kept it! I do have a chance to buy a 76 stallion, though at a price of 25,000 it might be a little steep, but there aren't too many left! What do you think, buy or not? It's right here in my home town.

4th Mar 2012, 08:56

Only 19 MPG on the highway with a light car & and an I-6???

Every 21st century V-8 car that I have ever owned or driven does much better than that.

5th Mar 2012, 05:33

A muscle car is from 64 to 72 2 door V8, but even that needs refined. Ford Mustangs, Cyclones, and Cougar Eliminators are a few Ford and Lincoln Mercury models.

I never saw any Maverick called a muscle car. They are now modified for drag racing, and I see them once in a while at cruise nights.

My family buys Mustangs. If you are going to invest time and money, it's a better starting point. Especially 60s Fastbacks.

21st Jun 2015, 18:57

There is a 1976 Stallion up the road from me buried under junk in a crappy old garage; it has the 302 - 3 speed, all original red/black body in pretty good shape. It has been there for about 15-20 years. Any idea what is worth?