1998 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 TD diesel from UK and Ireland


Mun-dane-oh turbo diesel


For the MOT it needed a new exhaust (cat back).

New pads & discs.

Passenger window switch unit failed.

General Comments:

Not as cheap to run as I expected it to be, but acceptable.

Power steering is good, although the turning circle is a bit naff.

Plenty of room for a family of 4/5, including a large boot.


I would suggest this car is ideal to purchase as a family car (or 2nd car, maybe for the wife to do the school run / general chores in).

Don't expect lightning performance from this, as you won't get it top end. It's good for just over the 100 mph mark. 0-60, well it does get to 60 (eventually).

Realistic everyday town driving gives around 30 mpg, which isn't bad; just not the 50mpg some tout about the car.

Motorway miles around 40-45 mpg (at best).

Buy a decent coloured one; the paintwork has a surprisingly good finish.

Watch out for the rear bumper crack & flap; the front bumper goes brittle in cold weather!!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2007

31st Jul 2007, 16:39

Done 35,000 miles in mine now. Worst I've had is 34 mpg (three hours queueing to get into an airshow, followed by 75 miles absolutely flat out home in the height of Summer with the air-con on). Best is 51 (gentle motorway run at 60-70 mph. The car averages around 43-45 with a mix of short A to B running about, and a motorway commute. Fuel light normally comes on somewhere around 550-570 miles after a brimmed tank.

If you're only getting 30 with normal driving around town, there's something wrong with it.

7th Dec 2007, 17:16

I agree that low 30s is all you get urban from these engines. Ford's figure was 36 I believe.

1998 Ford Mondeo LX 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Wish I'd kept it


When I test drove the car the speedometer was not working. The dealer was aware of the problem, however when I went to pick up the car it was still broken. It was fixed free of charge of course. It turned out to be a plastic coupling at the rear.

Other than that absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

Best car I've owned for reliability, the build quality was good and the general dynamics were excellent. The performance however was not brilliant, the auto box was a bit of a let down. In normal mode it liked to change gear all the time. In sport mode it liked to hold on to gears for a long time resulting in a less than smooth acceleration. Having said that, kick down was great for overtaking, helped by the Overdrive selector being on the shifter.

I decided to part with it after being on holiday in the states, after driving a big Buick for two weeks this car seemed a bit harsh noisy and under-powered. Wish I'd kept it.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2007

1998 Ford Mondeo GLX 1.8 turbo diesel indirect injection from UK and Ireland


Maybe a bit rattly, but durable, reliable and will last a long time


Poor starting due to faulty glow plugs.

Remote central locking would not work. Renewing key fob rectified the problem.

Play in wish bone bushes (common fault) accompanied by knocking from suspension. Never replaced.

Gearbox self destructed, probably due to constant hard driving over the many miles.

Engine mount deteriorated. Accompanied by deep rumbling noise coming through bulkhead. Easily replaced if you have mechanical experience.

General Comments:

I was more than happy with the reliability of the Mondeo. After the glow plug problem was addressed, starting in any condition was easy and fuss free.

The car coped with motorways with little fuss and had plenty of get up and go at seventy miles per hour.

I was impressed with the low down torque of the engine. Would easily pull in third at ten miles per hour without judder.

The boot space was very useful and practical.

The engine bay had adequate space to carry out routine maintenance and servicing, unlike many other modern cars that have an over cluttered engine bay, thus making much needed components inaccessible.

The electric sunroof was useful on warm days.

Gear changes were smooth and easy.

Handling could have been better as it was easy to understeer.

Seats were reasonably comfortable, but did cause a bit of back ache on much longer journeys.

The biggest drawback with the car were interior rattles. Doors felt a bit flimsy when closed, and didn`t have the lovely door thud of my old '83 Volvo 340.

The interior layout was good and felt uncluttered, thus allowing one to activate much needed and essential controls when driving.

The various intermittent wiper speed settings, although could have been useful, only required the use of one setting.

Visibility was good.

Fuel economy around town with average driving was around forty miles per gallon. Very reasonable.

Despite the high mileage of the car, paint work seemed to hold well and only showed a few chips here and there. The engine didn`t smoke and never used much oil.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2006