1999 Ford Mondeo ST24 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


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Water leak in the boot. I have the saloon model; is there anyone who knows what I can do other than lights, boot seals.

General Comments:

Amazing car to drive. Better than my 2.2 Vectra, and it's better on fuel.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2009

12th Jan 2012, 12:09

Hi, I own an ST24, and I have to say, it's one hell of a car to drive. It can boogie along, fuel consumption - on average £20 gets you 68 to 75 miles, but it's worth it. martynlees@tiscali.co.uk

1999 Ford Mondeo GLX 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Supremely practical transport


Oil cooler for the power steering started weeping oil. It sits under the front bumper in front of the radiator, so gets hit with a lot of corrosive muck from the road.

O/S/F coil spring went.

Neither job grounded the car, but both had to be done.

Not bad for a 151k mile car.

General Comments:

Lots of adverts promote their cars for style, performance, design, lifestyle, etc. Accompanied with pictures of the car whizzing along some beautiful road in Tuscany.

I use my car for getting to places. My kids are sick in it. My wife sticks her sweet wrappers in the door pockets. I transport stuff to the tip in it. I hoover it out and carry stuff to trade shows in it. I commute to important meetings in it. I do this in Britain, in the rain, in traffic jams on the M62, in stop-start traffic through city centres.

And through it all, the Mondy just gets on and does it. It is a supremely practical mode of transport. Cheap to buy, cheap to run, reliable.

If you want a lifestyle statement, buy something Italian and get ready for some serious garage bills. But if you want something for getting from A to B with some space and comfort, buy a Mondy and get on with life.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2008

1999 Ford Mondeo Verona 1.8i petrol Zetec-E from UK and Ireland


Does everything very well, bar the image..


Nothing so far, except for wear and tear such as the broken front headlight bulb.

General Comments:

I bought the car for around 1000 pounds, it came with almost a year of MOT and a year of Road tax.


The car is a two owner car, the previous being a lady and the car has 8 stamps on the service book, and it is all done by Ford.


Quite good, though could be more stable at high speed.


Lots of feedback when under steering.


No ABS, but the brakes are very good.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, definitely, it is a fantastic car.

I recon if this car looks better or if it is wearing a more prestigious badge, it could retail for 3x the price.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2007

1999 Ford Mondeo Ghia X Auto 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


Sheer Motoring Pleasure! Dealers were SHEER MOTORING HELL!


Suspension, drop links knackered - worn bushes.

Exhaust - uses 2 backboxes joined across the rear, this is a bad design as when the pipe breaks off the silencer, it drags along the ground, damaging the other silencer into the bargain.

Moosing - this is a real pain, it's a loud humming noise caused by resonation of the plenum chambers I think. Ford say that this is normal - cos they aren't bothered about after sales service!

Lack of power - This is intermittent, and usually the car is struggling after 110 MPH to do any more. Can't decide whether its the IMRC (Inlet Manifold Runner Control - Opens the Secondary 12 - 24 Valves over 3250 RPM) or the Auto Box at fault. It's a real pain, as the car is great at slower speeds.

Air-Con -- HA HA HA, what air-con? - Condensor punctured due to its bad positioning at the front of the car, Ford want £500 to repair!- air "CON"!

Starter Motor - Misses the flywheel on occasions - either faulty starter or teeth missing off the flywheel - VERY EXPENSIVE repair if it's the flywheel!!, Had a Cortina 2.3 V6 that did this as well - seems to be a common fault.

Heater blower - Resistor burns out so that it only works on Setting 4 - fastest one.

General Comments:

It's a beautiful powerful car with all the bells and whistles, and at 8 years old, it's only expected that a few faults like the above will appear.

I loved it to pieces - so quiet and sleek with a lovely leather interior, the sheer grunt of the Duratec V6, beating boy racers at the lights!

The automatic is so smooth, but it's a LUXURY rather than performance feature, as the torque convertor zaps the power and lowers the top end speed, but well worth it for a long cruise in the country.

The cruise control is another great feature (not on the ST24), and so are the heated seats and trip/fuel computer.

The starter was an inconvenience, but I lived with it.

The only reason I sold it was that it was SO THIRSTY ON FUEL it just wasn't funny! 19MPG round town and 33 MPG on a run, averaging 25 mpg on the whole.

Also, the Ford Dealers were so PIG IGNORANT and USELESS at giving good service - 6 weeks wait to get a duplicate PATS key, LONG QUEUES AT THE PARTS COUNTER - ONE MAN on, taking an eternity to get each part, and having the usual nonchalant attitude of "You have to use us or get another make of car!

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Review Date: 21st June, 2007

7th Dec 2007, 17:20

What mpg can you expect from a 2.5 v6 petrol with an auto box. 25 mpg average is reasonable.

21st Sep 2008, 17:48

A year after selling the car in this review, I obtained a further Mondeo 2.5 V6 Ghia X, as I just missed my first one too much. After driving a 2.0 Ghia X Manual for 12 months I got fed up with the lack of performance from the Zetec engine and went back to the V6, but a manual this time. I have reviewed this car in the 1998 Mondeo section, my review is the one with 730 words. In short, the manual is much more responsive than the Auto, and once the usual demons with the IMRC unit were sorted it went like stink!

The Manual returns much better economy as well 30mpg avg. with as good as 37mpg on the motorway at 60mph on the cruise control. It returns about 23 - 25 mpg around town. I certainly won't have an Auto again.