2005 Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.2 TDCI from UK and Ireland


A highly recommendable family car


As yet, no faults.

General Comments:

When I first saw the estate car I didn't think the handling would be particularly good, but I was proven very wrong. Taking into account the size of the car, I have to say it handles wonderfully and coupled with the 155 BHP diesel engine proves a real joy to drive (and impressively fast).

This model has the six speed gearbox which makes this car one of the quietest diesels I've ever driven on a motorway.

This particular model is well equipped with electric windows all round, electrically adjustable and folding wing mirrors, automatic headlights, automatic windscreen wipers auto-dipping rear view mirror, cruise control, climate control etc etc..

The trip computer tells me that I average between 48 - 56 MPG, a point worth mentioning I think.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006

3rd Dec 2007, 17:06

I have a 55 plate st mondeo tdci, but I'm not sure if I have a problem with my mpg, i seem to average only 41mpg max, if I reset the trip, it will read high for first journey, them drop down to 32mpg-35mpg, other friend with same car seems to stay on around39-41 mpg, any ideas if I have a problem. thanks.

2005 Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 TDCi from UK and Ireland


I wouldn't buy another one in a hurry


We have had a problem with the clutch - it doesn't always seem to engage and pedal gets really stiff at times.

Gears don't always go in.

Brakes are not very good - get grinding from them sometimes.

6 disc CD player is faulty - can't get my CD's out.

General Comments:

Quite cheap to run.

Tows quite well.

Just not happy with the other problems outlined, as it is quite frustrating to drive with these problems.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2006

2005 Ford Mondeo LX 2.0 Tdci from UK and Ireland


Superb value for money



General Comments:

I was always a Japanese fan, having had an Avensis 1.8 petrol and then a Corolla 2.0 D4D 116bhp. I fancied a change to something larger as the corolla did not now fit my growing families needs. With year old avensis's fetching around 12 to 14 thousand and not being worth the money in my opinion. I decided to try and find something around the 10 thousand mark that suited my needs.

I decided to look at the mondeo first and have to say on the very first trip to my local dealer I bought one. I bought a 2005 model, 8 months old with 9000 miles on the clock and the remainder of the warranty for under 10 grand. This equates to a saving of over 7 thousand pounds on the list price, that equates to depreciation of almost 80 pence a mile in the first year. This therefore does not make the mondeo good value for money new, however if there is a better used bargain around I would like to see it.

As one of the other reviewers said, forget the ghia or even the zetec, my car has ABS, cruise, cd player, heated front window, electric mirrors and windows, all the toys you expect from a modern, mid to top range car. Not at all what you would expect from the entry model to the range.

There are five in my family and the mondeo has room for all 5 of us with room to spare, the boot is enormous can throw in kids bikes, will take 4 suitcases with ease.

Performance is stunning from a diesel, mine is the 130 bhp model, overtaking is a joy and the 130mph top speed will be reached with ease where permitted, I shudder to think what the 155 bhp model goes like.

Fuel economy is averaging around 44 mpg and I live in the country and do very little motorway miles in a year, I would imagine in 6th gear on the motorway 50 to 55mpg would be well within this cars capabilities.

Handling is also superb, and as I only have the 16" wheels and not the 18s, tyres I presume will not be that expensive. As with previous reviewers the only fault I have with this car is that the brakes feel just a little vague, and sometimes take a little more effort that normal. They will however I am sure stop you just as well as any other car in its class.

This car has succeeded in making a 3 year old corolla feel like a diesel from the 1980s, the difference in performance between these cars, both with 2 litre diesel engines is absolutely incredible.

My advice to you would get yourself down to your local dealer and buy one, you won't be disappointed, and you will have a huge choice to pick from.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

1st Jun 2006, 17:09

I have always bought Ford's so when my family multiplied,a bigger car was on the cards. At the time I was a proud owner of a diesel Focus, which really isn't that big to be honest. So after getting a good part-ex deal I was now the owner of a 54 plate Mondeo 1.8 petrol LX. Yes the boot is very big and its comfortable ride, but, here are the bad bits, the near side front side light doesn't aways come on. The windscreen makes a strange noise at motorway speeds, and the best I've saved till last. It goes through rear tyres as fast as I can buy them, and I've been told this is normal! Yes the car is still under warranty, but, its like talking to the wall to get things done.