2010 Ford Mondeo Zetec 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Very good Ford


Nothing, but have uneven tire wear at the back. Sounds like a wheel bearing is on its way out, but it's the tires I hope; will be replacing them soon.

General Comments:

Bought this Mondeo as I needed more space, which I now have plenty of.

Great to drive; I do roughly 500 miles a week, so I also need a reliable car, which so far it is, and it just eats up the miles without any issues, and I get out as fresh as I got in.

So far I cannot fault this car; will soon get the cam-belt and water pump changed, so I can hopefully drive many more trouble free miles.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2018

2nd Dec 2018, 19:54

I've had many Mondeos since the 1990s; they are good cars :) Only issues are injectors may clog up and give expensive issues at higher mileage (100,000 plus), but you could say that about all modern diesels.

Only other issue as per modern diesel is the DPF, but since you do 500 miles a week, it should be cleared out and healthy and last a long time.

4th Mar 2019, 23:31

So far everything is good. Put new tires all round and silence, no more noise. Not sure what made the tires wear uneven, but I guess the next MOT might find something? Still very happy and drives well. It's the sort of car where you get in, turn the key and go. See how long it lasts??

8th Mar 2019, 14:38

I'd check the tracking on the wheels if the tyres are wearing uneven. But you likely had that done when you got new tyres, and the MOT will likely pick up on any other suspension faults if that's what's causing it. I wouldn't worry about it for now; just keep an eye on the tyres for any abnormal wear.

10th Jun 2020, 21:26

Update on this car. Now done 90000 trouble free miles, the car just keeps going. Just done the normal services, put new discs and pads on the front last week, which is very, very good, lasting 90000 miles. Also did cambelt and water pump as a peace of mind.

The car drives like new and I hope to keep it going for a long time. I drive mainly motorway and the car cruises at motorway speed, getting around 50 MPG easy. So far I am still very happy with this Ford.

17th Jun 2020, 14:27

Thanks for the update, glad you still like the car, I myself like the Mondeo, have owned many since the 1990s. My only complaint about the more modern ones from about 2008 onwards is the expensive repairs to diesel engine version - DPF, injectors, turbo, dual mass flywheel, etc. Watch out if buying a used high mileage car as these can be expensive repairs. You could say the same for a lot of modern cars, especially diesels, and not just the Mondeo.

2010 Ford Mondeo LX from Australia and New Zealand


Never again


Major repairs:

171,500 km - Power steering fail, water pump - $730.

193,000 km - Fuel pump, battery - $1470.

210,000 km - Coolant leak - $550

General Comments:

Probably my fault for trusting a dealer - purchased for $8k because it was a great deal; now I know why it was a great deal.

The car ran well until about 160,000 km, then every 2 months it was in the shop, getting serviced or some other repairs; to be fair a few times were for cosmetic repairs and cracked windscreens.

Once it got to about 190,000 km, it was the most unreliable junk heap ever and spent just as much time at the mechanics as it did at home. I had to quit my job because of its unreliability, and all the money I saved in the past 2 years has gone into it for some expense.

Owned for 2.5 years, and it went from $8k value, to me selling it to a scrap yard for $1k. Spent about $6k on repairs and maintenance in that time.

Would recommend not buying above 100,000 km and selling before 175,000 km.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2017

4th Jul 2017, 21:44

Sounds like you paid a bit too much for repairs. You should consider a cheaper garage.

Also to be fair, the problems you mentioned I would say come under wear and tear at the mileage stated.

Had a few Mondeos myself, mostly 1990s and early 2000s models; generally they were reliable cars for me with no major issues.

5th Jul 2017, 06:18

For starters, $8K for a car of that age with less than 100,000 km IS a bargain. You've driven 59,000 km/year for two years, and wonder why the car - which already had 100,000 km (near on 60K miles) has needed those repairs?

23rd Oct 2017, 04:17

I find it difficult to believe that you do not understand mechanical things wear out. At 190000 km, what do you expect? It was a well used vehicle when you first bought it. If you want maintenance free transport, go and buy a bicycle.

23rd Oct 2017, 08:11

Even if he had a bicycle, he'd still have to change the brake cables, get new tyres, oil the chain, etc :D

10th Apr 2019, 16:59

Power steering pumps on this model seem to be a weak point. I had to replace one on mine, and noticed that the local Ford dealer had a large number available... my replacement pump has not been marvelous either. Camry or Corolla next time methinks...

5th Jul 2020, 04:36

I also had one of these! Had 210000km on it when I bought it. Had 280000km when I sold it and was still going strong. It did have a complete service history, though. Was one of the most reliable and cost effective cars I’ve ever owned!