2013 Ford Mondeo Zetec EcoBoost 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland




Nothing but the required services. If I am being really picky - the 12v socket can be a bit erratic sometimes, and the car's interior and exterior has a few marks, but it is 10 years old now!

General Comments:

This Mondeo is one of my favorite cars in all my many years of cars and driving. Why such a hum-drum family saloon/hatch you ask? Well if you combined all the averages of a typical car on the road in regards to capabilities and all round running costs and value for money, the Mondeo would be hard to beat.

Comparatively rare petrol engine - most of these cars are diesels. After hearing many horror stories and having been burned by some diesel cars in the past (expensive reliability issues) I opted for this rare 1.6 petrol "Eco-boost" engine when the car came up for sale locally a couple of years ago. Looking at the stats on paper, the engine seems to have enough power (nearly 160 bhp) and still manages a respectable combined 45 mpg. In reality I have calculated this accurately after some long drives (not just checking the trip computer) and have averaged a genuine 43 mpg, so not bad at all for petrol, and very close to the claimed average. I have found the engine powerful enough as well; actually has more punch than some early 2.0 petrol cars.

Zetec model is mid range, so that means window tints, good looking "Midnight Sky" grey metallic paint, nice alloy wheels, very comfy interior with all electrics. I just love this car, so nice to be in and drive. Gear change is smooth and the car handles very nicely on country roads. Being petrol it is also very quiet inside, and even outside you can hear the engine running but only when very close to the car. Keep up the oil changes (and any belt changes if applicable) to keep that silky smooth petrol engine quiet.

A larger car but easy enough to drive, visibility is good. To finish the car is hard to beat - cheap enough to buy and run, reliable, spacious, good to drive, good looking model (2007 - 2014 model) what more can I say, this Mondeo does it all. I am really trying hard to think of any negative points, but I cannot. I'm also no particular Ford fan (brand loyalty is a bit silly in my opinion, car manufacturers change through the years) but this car has surprised me, Ford definitely got this car right, and I have heard the Mondeo is going out of production soon - sad to hear. Guess I will just have to hold on to this car as long as possible.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2023

12th Mar 2023, 13:39

100% agree - You got the best engine believe me. The petrol Eco-boost might have some issues, but they are still more reliable and just about the same in economy compared to the diesel engines available in this car at this time.

2013 Ford Mondeo Titanium X 2.0 TDCi from UK and Ireland


Not bad


Brakes and wheel bearing, cam-belt and water pump changed.

Center console a little hesitant.

Air con works, but weak.

Tiny patch of rust near driver door sill.

General Comments:

A fantastic looking and driving car, the Mondeo Titanium X has the lot. Very surprised at how good this car is for a run of the mill car.

Fully loaded, leather trim, heated seats, the lot. All electrics.

2.0 turbo diesel performs very well whilst doing a reasonable 50 mpg.

The car is cheap enough to run.

Very comfortable and good looking. One of the last of this generation on a 2013 reg. Cannot believe it is ten years old, still feels fresh and modern. Try one before they are gone!

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Review Date: 4th February, 2023