25th Apr 2007, 00:42

Author: 24/07/07, 1.14.

Ah I understand, you're jealous!

I would offer you my website address for you to peruse some of my rallying glory and also a huge list of the pictures of cars I've owned, but I think you'd end up defacing it, or worse!

No such thing as a professionally qualified rally driver? I think you need to spend some more time with your Mondeo and leave proper driving to professionals.

If you'd bothered to read my post, it states I buy and sell cars regularly. So that means I could buy a £300 car, smarten it up and sell it for a large profit.

Also, the list of cars I used was for reference sake, nowhere did I say that I switched directly from one car to another.

I think you just love to try and pick faults with peoples findings. Great if you do, but don't insult people without knowing diddly squat about them.

You'll no doubt try and post a witty reply to this. Alas, I tire of the whole charade, and won't be bothering to respond to anything more you post on here, as you obviously need to get out more.

Get a grip and go play in your Mondeo!

27th Apr 2007, 15:25

"Ah I understand, you're jealous!"

No, I'm amused. I happen to know a rally driver (albeit at club level, not the "one off Colin McRae" that you claim to be), and he thought your comments were complete nonsense as well. He couldn't get past the idea that no driver of any noteable ability would rate the Calibra as a driver's car. No rally driver could live with the numb power steering, nose heavy balance, or terminal understeer that even left foot braking can never really overcome.

"I would offer you my website address for you to peruse some of my rallying glory and also a huge list of the pictures of cars I've owned, but I think you'd end up defacing it, or worse!"

No, go on please. This I must see! Rally glory eh? So why are you currently driving a £1700 family hatchback?

"No such thing as a professionally qualified rally driver? I think you need to spend some more time with your Mondeo and leave proper driving to professionals."

Er, did I ever say I currently own a Mondeo? I said I DID 40k in two years in one. And no, there is no such thing as a "professionally qualified rally driver" as you put it. Certainly the license you claim to hold would qualify you for nothing outside of a computer game. The official rally licensing body is the actually the FIA. But of course you knew that.

"I think you just love to try and pick faults with peoples findings."

But you make it so easy. Perhaps posting the truth would be a good start. Drop the act mate, you're fooling nobody.

3rd May 2007, 14:57

You people are so funny. I'm an F1 driver for Ferrari. No not really I just thought I'd say it. But that's the point of the Internet isn't it? People can say or do anything. Even if it's a massive pile of BS. Mondeos handle great and I've had a great time with mine. It's the V6 but even that's too slow for me really. That's why it's time to part with it, but there great family cars.

23rd Sep 2007, 22:53

I love my Mondeo. It has never failed me and it has pretty amazing performance for a larger car. Granted I have been told by my Ford guy that I am lucky, but mine has been unfailingly reliable and has the best ride of any car I have ever driven.. and I have driven a lot of cars. Recently, despite an unplanned engine wash by a body shop guy.. it managed to keep moving despite inches of water around the spark plugs for three days.. try that with a Nissan. It is my favourite car thus far in my life.

7th Dec 2007, 17:30

I agree Mondeos always drive great. A £200 junker would drive better than a Calibra; horrible gearbox, lifeless steering etc. Engines are good though.

6th Feb 2008, 08:39

Yes this chap is talking rubbish about the mondeo's handling. But I agree the 2.0 is slow. The 1.8 is nearly as quick and a 2.0 vectra would kill it.

10th Feb 2008, 12:24

Hi, I have only ever had one ford and it is my current car. it's a mondeo. I have to say its the best secondhand car I've ever owned. it's a great comfortable drive, plenty of heat, and great mpg. I often feel like I'm in a mini limo so don't get carried away with all the negative views; try one for yourself. some people can be unlucky and get a bucket. I was delighted. good luck and vroom vroom.

16th May 2008, 12:50

Having just purchased (approx 1 month ago) a Mondeo 1.8 zetec (1999) and never having owned a Mondeo before, I would like to know if anyone has had any problems with what appears to be very slow acceleration or the clutch slipping (even though its new).

Test driving it last month and up until last week, all was fine; it seemed pretty smooth and picked up speed OK. I now have to rev the heck out of it to get going, and then even though it obviously has no turbo fitted, the engine kicks in almost on a delayed boost seconds later.

I've had the clutch looked at and its all OK, but it seems that over the 1,000 odd miles I've done since buying, its taking longer and longer before it starts to accelerate after I've buried my foot into the carpet.

Is this a fault anyone else has come across? If so, any solutions would be very useful, as apart from this annoying problem it's a great car to drive.

11th Feb 2010, 17:31

I can't believe the author has the brass bolts to come back on here. To slag off a perfectly good car, and say "I'm one class lower then McRae" I laughed so hard.

I have a Mondeo I've had it a year, done 10k, it cost me £750 with a year's MOT/6 months tax. In that year it's cost me £120... let me break that down; £40 for an MOT (a week ago) it sailed through, £70 on 2 new tires and £10 for a power steering cooling pipe (very common fault). Oh I forgot tax, but everyone pays that.

This is a fantastic car, only fault maybe that the interior on a standard car is a bit cheap looking, but when you have kids, with muddy shoes from footy, spilling fizzy drinks and generally making a mess... You'll understand why Ford made the interior so bulletproof and wipe clean in its nature.

17th Feb 2010, 09:11

The original review is a little harsh.

I've no problem with someone disliking a car that I like, but I dunno how he can say it's so uncomfortable. I'm not biased though, I've had many similar cars (Vectra, 406, Passat, etc) and the Mondeo is just as good if not better than those cars. Every car has its pros and cons. Even the Vectra has a bad reputation and I found it OK. Have to say the Mondeo is the better car though.

Like someone mentioned in an earlier comment, about the comfort, the seat springs MUST have been broken. The Mondeo is the same if not more comfortable than any other typical family car. He must have had a bad example, simple as that.

As for this car's handling (again, I found it OK) and any other similar car - it's a family car, you don't drive it like a race car! And yeah obviously some will be better handling than others in the same class, but no average family 1.8 / 2.0 car will ever be a race car!

20th Nov 2012, 22:45

I totally agree, I love my Mondeo, and suffer none of the faults quoted, and I positively would not go for an Alfa. Many people complain about the Mondeo's rust problem around the rear arches; my experience of Alfas is that they suffer in the same way, but it's not confined to the rear arches.

Fuel economy I find is superb; mine is the 2.0 Zetec, and I average 35 MPG driving on country roads with a little town work. Even if driven hard, I still get high 20s.

My only complaint with the car is the stupid plastic cog in the seat adjuster, but a decent metal replacement is around £30, so I've left mine alone, and it's still very comfy.

All in all, I can't fault the Mondeo, and would willingly have another one.