22nd May 2001, 16:00

I couldn't agree more.

A Shed - I don't think so mate, I think someone's stuck the st24 badge back on your old Vectra for a laugh. I wouldn't mind a shed that handles like its on rails, with the performance that sees off most cars at the lights. You ex-Vectra drivers have always been a little confused.

23rd May 2001, 16:37

Is this guy for real, anyone who has driven a Vectra for any length of time, then progressed onto an ST24 would be a very happy chap.

4th Jun 2001, 21:22

I guess all manufacturers have their lemons, but this sounds a bit hard to believe. As for the rust problem they have galvanized bodies - hmmm?? Vectra are a good car also, but cannot be compared with a ST24.

17th Jun 2001, 14:07

I think that all the people talking above have never driven a Ford. My Ford is just as bad as the original review suggested.

23rd Jul 2001, 01:43

My dealer refuses to know about worn, chopped up tyres, brakes that melt resin and release with a bang in the morning. Ford says the dealer is their rep and all is OK. I think the Mondeo 4 cyl 2.0L underside bends according to the weight of occupants and they can't adjust the suspension to cater for differing loads. Ford have no interest at all in checking the problems out unless I can prove that there is a problem.

11th Aug 2001, 14:49

If this is all true, you've been seriously unlucky. I'd say in general that Ford as a manufacturer produce reliable, if a little plain vehicles. I guess that's what can happen when you buy mass produced/value cars. The ST24 is a great car, you just need to be a bit wary of what you buy, and who you buy from. My advice would be to do as much research before you take the plunge, and get someone knowledgeable to check the vehicle for you.

4th Sep 2001, 07:50

The collapse of the front springs is a known problem (though not officially acknowledged by Ford) that has afflicted a few V6's. It's not a common problem, however, and anyone who suffers it is simply unlucky.

As for the rest of the problems you suffered, I would have to say your car must have been in a serious accident at some point in its past life. Is it a rebuilt constructive write-off?...

Mondeo body panels are galvanised, so the rusting you report would imply the car has had non-genuine panels fitted during a repair operation.

21st Feb 2008, 02:50

A Vectra better handling?? Ha ha. I think that's the funniest thing I've ever read on this website.

The Vectra handled worse than the Cavalier - quite an achievement in its own way I suppose. The Mondeo, even as a slow base 1.6 model handles neatly and with good balance.

23rd Jul 2008, 13:43

The Ford Mondeo ST24 is a work of art, the best car I have driven in along time.

I had a V6 vectra before the ST and it was a nightmare; drank fuel like no tomorrow, and the road noise in the cab was terrible. The ST is like driving a limo if you want to compare the two, and it handles like a dream.

Yes I have had some problems with it; broken springs, new wishbones, some welding, but these are forgiven as soon as I drive it. I love this car.

16th Feb 2010, 17:32

I can't talk in regards to the experience you had; maybe you had a duff motor, if so, sorry to hear about that. I own an ST24, and my younger brother owns a 2.2 SRI Vectra, and I've driven both, and if you honestly believe a Vectra is a better handling car than the ST24, then you are a completely wrong! ST24 has little to no bodyroll, the Vectra on the other hand goes round corners like a boat! My brother admits this even...

23rd Jul 2010, 08:32

In response to the rust problems, it's only severely abused unwashed Mondeos that rust. I've had 2 Mondeos, and both I took to over 100,000 miles on the clock, and neither developed any rust or paint problems, and that's only giving it a wash and wax once a week, and filling in any stone chips when they are noticed; it does say in the manual.

I'm an ex Ford mechanic, and it was company policy to grease the back of the brake pads in a main dealer when I was a mechanic, so cheap pads and a backstreet garage job me thinks, not main dealer obviously.

Regarding suspension collapsing; it's known that springs break on all Mk1 and Mk2 Mondeos, regardless of the engines; even the tiny 1.6 snaps springs. Also suspension bushes can been seen as a consumable item on these cars, as they are so heavy.

So it just sounds to me like the person who bought the car being reviewed didn't look around very hard at it to find any faults.

As for the comparison of an ST24 vs a Vectra; I've driven both, and I agree with what the motoring press said at the time, in saying the Mondeo was the better car.

Vectra isn't bad if you just need transport, but the Mondeo does everything that little bit better.

9th Sep 2021, 07:11

After owning the ST200 hatch and the ST200 Limited, comparing a Vectra to an ST24 is like comparing a bottle of Buckfast to a fine Chateau Neuf. The ST is a fabulous car; never had a single issue with either. I know this post is a long time ago, but I'm now onto my 5th Mondeo.

9th Sep 2021, 17:19

Totally agree, the Mondeo has always been a great car. Mk1 and Mk2 were the best in my opinion, I had 3 of them, 1.8 LX, 2.0 LX, and a 2.0 Zetec, all great cars. Neighbour had a Mk3, top spec Ghia from 2003. He had some issues, was the TDCi model, what a dog of a diesel engine. Later Mk4 cars seem to be a bit better and more reliable than the dodgy Mk3's.

Had a few Vectras as well, I agree it was not as good as the Mondeo, but nowhere near as bad as people make them out to be. The first UK 1990s Vectras were at least as good as the old Cavalier. The 2002 - 2005 models were a bit naff and oddly styled. Updated 2006 cars were good and better looking, I had an SRi, was a good car. Insignia seems to be good as well, but the age old problem remains - just not as good as a Mondeo.