1st Nov 2005, 17:20

Mondeo water leaks.

Problem is one of design!

Water follows the cable forms and drips down to the inside face of the doors.

The solution is to strip back insulation outer covering (which acts as a hose pipe), and then bend the inner wires to form a U trap to divert the water to the inside of the door, where it can drain away, not to the inner face of the door!


5th Jul 2007, 23:52

Ford Mondeo water leak in the front footwell.

I purchased a Ford Mondeo 2000 TDI (9 months old on a 55 plate) during July 2006.

The car went into the garage for its second service in February 2007. The following week the car started leaking water in the front passenger side foot-well.

The car has been back to the garage three times since, only to be told it's out of warranty.

Contacted Ford Customer Services, to be told that they would consider my problem as a goodwill gesture, but I would have to agree in principle to pay for the works to find the leak to prove that it was a manufactures defect, and not a problem caused by me.

I find this hard to believe, as I have only driven the car and put diesel in it. The cost of this work is unknown, but I have been advised by an independent car body specialist that this could run to £1000+. What a joke from a main car dealer/manufacturer.

In my lifetime I have bought 9 Ford cars, and I have no intention of ever stepping foot over the door of any Ford garage in the future to purchase a car.

Goodbye Ford; it's time you woke up and put the customer first.

3rd Dec 2007, 16:57

I have a 2003 Mondeo... my neighbour has a 2005 Mondeo... my son in law has a 2006 Mondeo... my workmate has a 2005 Mondeo. ALL of these cars leak into the rear foot-well. My neighbour got rid of his and vowed NEVER to buy Ford again. I have tried to find the source of the leak without success!! Come on Ford, YOU must know there is a manufacturer fault with the design. Do something about it before you lose your valued customers.

I like the car, but I will definitely be looking at another manufacturer next time I buy.

10th Dec 2007, 11:28

I have a ford Mondeo ST220 2004. On vacuuming my car over the weekend, I noticed both rear foot wells were wet. I went to Fords and have been told it's the outer door seals; it goes from the front to the rear in one piece; I hope this sorts it. I've put new window trims in, but no help. I have some wind noise from drivers side, so I'm hoping I can cure 2 things at once with the new outer seals.

To be honest, I'm getting fed up now with Fords, spend over £13k only to have wind noise and wet floors.

7th Jan 2008, 04:18

YIPPPPEEEEE I've sorted the wet mats. All Mk3 Fords have this problem, some rain water runs down the door glass and into the door; this is what is supposed to happen, the membrane behind the door card is supposed to be fully sealed, but over time with opening and shutting the doors this seal may come away by just an inch, and water will then be free to run down in inside of your sill and into the carpet.

To check this, open your door fully get someone to pour lots of water on the window (outside), and watch the water drip from behind the door card. To fix take door card off, dry with hair dryer and refit with good silicone, problem solved.

As for wind noise, it's the rear quarter lights; the wind does sound like it's in your ear, but it's not, it's the rear quarter lights.

18th Feb 2008, 06:00

Regarding previous comment - my ford (Mondeo Estate Vetec 2003), has just gone into ford with the same problem - wet floor offside in front of rear seats. They diagnosed as exactly same thing - "door shower curtain has become brittle". They are replacing 2 doors "curtains"/membranes for £170. Parts £40 quid per door, rest is labour. So if the silicone tip works go for it!!!

19th Dec 2008, 09:32

I don't get it. My 02 Mondeo has never leaked. But the rear brakes keep sticking. (one wheel at a time. - never both together.)

22nd Dec 2008, 20:18

I bought a Mondeo Estate 2004. The carpets on the driver's side & behind the driver gets soaking wet, I don't know what is causing this, can anyone help me? I have taken it to a garage & the rubbers around the door behind the driver were out of line & the seals were not on properly, this was fixed but the water is still coming in.

10th Mar 2011, 06:49

I have just bought a 2003 Mondeo 2.L Ghia X.

After finding it had soaking wet foot wells I looked on the Ford forums on the internet which I found very useful.

I took off the rear door panels (5 screws, very simple) and pressed with my thumb against the inner door foam backing along the bottom of the door, re-sealing the mastic to the door and foam backing.

My foot wells are now dry as this cured the problem in just ten minutes and at no cost whatsoever.


Happy and dry now in Falmouth, Cornwall.

16th Nov 2011, 14:21

Hi, I also have a mk3 ST220, which has recently developed a water leak into the rear footwell. This is very annoying, as the car itself is in fantastic condition, and the last thing I want is a pesky water leak. Will try removing the door cards as you recommend and resealing the membrane; fingers crossed it will cure the problem... Thanks for the tip.

6th Jan 2012, 07:11

Finally found the source of the water leak in the rear passenger floor on my 2004 Mondeo TDCi. Water travels down the glass onto the window support bracket, which is screwed to the inside of the door, which has a hole above the screw, and allows water to bypass the waterproof membrane over/through the membrane, along and into the rear footwell.

Remedy is to pull back the membrane, and fill the hole with mastic. I used guttering sealer from B&Q, made sure water dripped into the door and out of the drain holes, reseal membrane. If car is parked upwards, water travels along the inner seal into the rear. If parked downwards, into front footwell. Obviously this can apply to the nearside and offside of the car.