24th Mar 2001, 06:22

I have just brought one and there is no problem with the 0-60 time (around 8 seconds) I suggest you try pressing the accelerator pedal.


15th Apr 2001, 15:25

Mine does it in 7.7 so try pressing the pedal a little harder and changing gears at some decent revs?

15th Apr 2001, 15:33

2.0litre??? Why do most people think driving a car 'fast' is taking the revvs to 4500 grand? get ya foot on the boards in every gear and get them valves working. Look at the 1/4 mile time for ST24's and you'll find they match cars like Volvo T-5's.

8th May 2001, 12:09

I would like to ask a question. I own a Mondeo ST24 saloon, after driving for approx 20 - 30 miles, the clutch pedal feels very heavy, is this normal or is there a problem?

Thank you, Martin.

My email address is martin176444@yahoo.com

26th Feb 2002, 08:29

Well guys working on the basis that the Mondeo 2.0 does it in around 8.8 seconds, I don't think you will leave them for dust, the most you will pull in the distance you cover in that given time is going to be a matter of feet in front of them, not dust clouds. Here are some precise figures for you, to give you an idea that my comments about the 0 - 60 not being that quick are true, above 70 the power of the V6 really comes in quite nicely though, hence the good 0 - 100 time. You will also notice that over a quarter of a mile there is nothing in it hardly.

Mondeo ST24, year = 1999, bhp = 171, 0-30 = 2.8, 0-60 = 8.0, 0-100 = 21.9, 1/4 mile sec = 16.5, 1/4 mile speed = 88.

Mondeo 2.0, year = 1999, bhp = 143, 0-30 = 2.9, 0-60 = 8.8, 0-100 = 26.1, 1/4 mile sec = 16.8, 1/4 mile speed = 83 (0-60 nothing in it, 60 plus the st24 is much quicker)

Volvo S60 T5, year = 2000, bhp = 250, 0-30 = 2.9, 0-60 = 6.8, 0-100 = 17.5, 1/4 mile sec = 15.4, 1/4 mile speed = 97 (Not too sure where you got your T5 figures from, these are official, the 850 T5 is also very similar)

I enjoy racing cars and also carrying out field tests on them, more as a hobby than a living. So I can accelerate a car properly and my car is functioning completely as it should and I maintain that the ST 24 is "from 0-60 was a little disappointing".

8th May 2002, 22:31

A mondeo 2.0 has no chance of doing o-60 in 8.8 seconds.

More like 9.5.

27th Jun 2002, 14:06

Interesting to read the petty bickering from the ST 24 and 2.0. Litre guys. I have owned an ST 24 and found It pulled well after you passed the 4500 rev marker. If you take this baby passed 5700 revs you have the advantage over the 2.0 litre, Zetec or not. I had the car from new. The engine never came good until It had passed 15,000 miles. Loads of short contry lane runs helped to make It more flexible and as loose as you like. Sawing up and down the box, with plenty of revs kept It as fit as hell.

Hey boys. Don't forget, you must remember the type of road surface you do these tests on. Even the slightest down hill gradient will press the advantage. All tests must be run upon the same surface with both cars, In order to give a true like for like comparison.

Also, tyre pressure and fuel load will make a slight difference. May I suggest Santa Pod Race Way.

Now driving a 2001 ST 200. If I find a slight down hill gradient. Pump me boots up a bit. And run on a nominal fuel load I think I might achieve a whisker under the 7 second barrier.

6th Aug 2002, 04:48

The hesitation between 3000-3500 rpm are the secordaries coming on this is entirely normal.

The engine is very strong and is used in the Nobel M12 supercar it uses the Cosworth casting process.

Handling is inch perfect without compromising ride comfort.

Top marks.

ST200 Owner. (formerly ST24 owner)

16th Oct 2002, 17:36

Noticed a comment from back in 2001 regarding the ST24 clutch going stiff after a few miles. Did anyone find a reason for this?

21st Jun 2004, 04:14

I own a 98 ST24 I've had it a year and it's a great car. I have a small problem though, my interior light flashes on sometimes when I hit a bump in the road. Has anyone else had this problem and do they know what it is?

7th Jul 2004, 17:37

I have owned a 1999 ST24 for going on 3 years now. It has had a couple of small mods. i.e. K&N Induction kit 57i, piper duplex exhaust outlets with ST200 rear bumper and the throttle hang fix.

I am extremely happy with the car and intend to chip it soon.

I recently did a 0-60 test (unofficial with my wife time keeping). And we clocked 8.2 Secs with T/C on, and 7.6 Secs with T/C off. My best time for 0-100 was 18.4 Secs.

As for fuel economy, around town it is poor, returning approx. 18miles to the gallon. However on a long trip to Devon 3 times a year to see family it will return 33mpg and that is running around the 80-90mph mark. As for racing other cars, I have genuinely pressured a Volvo 850 T5 into moving over and letting me past. (uphill M62 east bound, Scamanden Moor). Also beaten a Mini cooper S whilst I was 4 up and with shopping in boot. (very close up to 110mph, no contest after).

The car is a fabulous car and I would only change for a ST200 or ST220.

13th Jul 2004, 07:47

I have an ST24 (97R). It has been a lovely car. I've owned it from 46K up to 112K and up until now it has had a new battery, exhaust, alternator and tyres. not bad for a 7 year old car. Unfortunately I am now having difficulty selecting gears going up the box, especially when the engine is under load (hard acceleration - i.e. overtaking! or up a hil). Coming down the box is fine. It feels to me like a slipped or bent linkage, but the garage is saying I need a new gearbox and/or clutch. This is going to be around £800 fitted which is 40% of the value of the car.

Should I.

-> Get a second opinion

-> Bit the bullet and get the work done

-> Get them to change the engine mounts and anything else that needs doing on the engine bay and drive train while they have got the engine out

-> Flog the car to a dealer and let them sort it out

-> Something else (i.e. do you know what it is that is wrong)

The gearbox is the MTX 75 model. I have found a new one on Ebay for 399 + VAT, but can't find details of the clutch.

Should I replace like for like or is it worth spending a bit extra and fitting ST200 running gear?

Thanks in Advance.


27th Aug 2004, 04:59

Whats the difference between the st24 and the st200? I've got a black st24.

17th Oct 2004, 07:52

I drive a 1999t st24 and find it a nice compromise, it can be a smooth motorway mile muncher, or a bit of a racer, it is a quick car, but it depends on what you compare it to, I get an average of 24mpg, and the usual quoted 0- 60 times of 7.7 -8.2 seconds, depending on who is quoting, at the end of the day, who really cares about milliseconds unless you are Schumacher??