23rd Jun 2004, 13:12

Good engines those 2 litre zetecs. 137 mph out of one. Then the head gasket lunched itself. DAMN! (mondeo)

18th Jul 2004, 17:58

Never heard of 15W5 oil. Might be a mistake.

I used 5W50 and I was not happy with. Changed to 10W40 and I feel better.

Take care with that water pump. It may blow/stick when you not expect it and you'll boil the engine in 1 minute.

19th Sep 2007, 06:35

I have a 1995 Mondeo 1.8, with 160,000 on the clock, it does drive and handle like a much faster/expensive car and when needed it will shift, get 28 to 40 mpg depending on speeds distance.

Problems? Sump gasket leaking-its an engine out job! Not looking forward to it and all garages say scrap the car! Pity as it has no rust and have changed all the suspension components recently. Got to be done though as oil is leaking onto the cat/exhaust and leaving spots on road!

Problems- misfiring at low speeds/light throttle settings- still chasing this problem done all the pipes and sensors and of course the ECU does not store fault codes. Will sort when I take the engine out.

Problems-Lower suspension bushes and anti roll bar bushes wear quite quickly and you get knocks over bumps. Anti roll bar job easy if bolts not seized, wish bones harder with N/S bolt being fitted from above and gear box on top of it! Solution chop head of bolt off and fit new one from under car!

Otherwise a fine car and a lovely shape will be in the family for years to come!

24th Sep 2010, 07:43

I have repaired a 1995 Ford Mondeo 2 litre tappet cover gasket 3 times, replaced crankshaft seal, and still oil ends up on top of the tappet cover. Trying to discover where it is coming from is impossible.

Could it be the oil sensor cracked or leaking. Is it the sump gasket? The timing belt is constantly covered in oil, compression test OK and motor runs like a clock after we realised a previous owner has swapped the cams over. Sensor position in the wrong place, and motor ran in safe mode for 3 years before we realised what was wrong. We were going to scrap the car, but have decided to keep it. Just need to know how to stop the oil leaking.

Any thoughts?

19th Apr 2013, 06:57

The key is to use genuine Ford gaskets when replacing oil seals; cheap replica seals will leak after a short time.

20th Apr 2013, 12:53

I choose to differ, just use GASKET MAKER with the right bead thickness! Think outside of the box! As long as you let it go off and tack up for the correct amount of time, it is simple!