11th Oct 2005, 15:25

The comment from June 9th, 2004 is incorrect. The ST200 has the same brake calipers and discs as the ST24, and in my opinion (and other people I know with ST200s and ST24s) doesn't suffer any adverse braking as the comment suggests. It's more likely that the previous owner of that car replaced the brakes with an inferior set from a lower specced Mondeo, in which case the braking efficiency would be drastically reduced.

10th Nov 2005, 04:54

The ST200 does indeed have the same brakes as the 2.0litre Zetec as Ford in their ultimate wisdom decided to fit these to all 1998 onwards V6's.

9th Feb 2006, 09:34

Non V6 Mk2 Mondeo's (e.g. Zetec) are fitted with 260mm discs (front) and smaller calipers (with smaller pads). V6's up to 1998 have 278mm discs with larger calipers and pads. From 1998 Ford decided to fit the smaller calipers to all V6's including ST24 and ST200 (from 1999). However, all V6's retained the larger 278mm discs (resulting in a rust ring around the inside of the disc where the smaller pad does not fully sweep the disc). The V6 Duratec is a heavy old lump and in original spec (smaller front calipers) the ST200 is under braked and suffers badly from brake fade. Many owners upgrade the front calipers/discs and I decided that the easiest option (for me) was to fit the larger V6 calipers with drilled/grooved discs.

22nd Feb 2006, 13:04

I whipped one of these the other day in my astra turbo. the look on his face when I shot passed him was a classic.

2nd Oct 2006, 10:52

The Astra Turbo. Ha ha. Fast in a straight line, hopeless in the corners. The Mondeo would drive around the inside of the Astra as it understeered into the scenery.

17th Mar 2007, 11:06

My Dad has an ST24 Mondeo and it is a great looking car that drives very nicely. I am sick to death of people that slag off Fords. I am 21 years old and one of my favourite cars is the MK 2 Ford Granada facelift, 2.8i Ghia X - In my opinion one of the best looking and best sounding cars ever built. If I could have two cars it would be one of those Granadas that I've just mentioned and a modern aluminium Jaguar XKR in dark blue.