14th Nov 2005, 12:44

My dad owns an ST 220 and loves it. It's such a change from a Vauxhall Carlton.

The ST has a lot of power.

Word of advice - don't put your foot down on your first go.

See ya.

1st May 2006, 18:35

Yes, I found when I first started driving my ST TDCi it would have a tendency to "bog" in first gear and the change from first to second was pretty lurchy. That's until I started to keep the revs well above 1K when moving off from stationary. First to second gear change is cured by keeping a little on the throttle while changing. It's all about learning how to drive a diesel car - it's a significantly different power deliver to petrol. I agree with all the comments about the torque, it really is something, especially with the transient overboost. You rise from 30 to 50 and beyond deceptively fast.

22nd May 2006, 17:22

Can you comment on fuel economy and service intervals and service costs please.

25th May 2006, 04:31

My first oil burner after years of petrol, and wow its great.

I too got one in Performance Blue it's a late 2005 model so has the face lift with the extra chrome bits and bobs, it looks stunning when clean. Average 43mpg. Only downside is that its chomped its way through the front rubber quick, I reckon 13k miles will need a new pair.

8th Jul 2006, 13:22

I couldn't agree more with this review. I've just done my first 2000 miles in a 2005 ST TD-Ci - my first diesel - it is simply fantastic. I drive an ST220 petrol at work which struggles to give 20mpg and I get in mine to go home and it reads upto 50mpg on the computer. I have cross checked this and am averaging 47mpg in reality. Mine was an ex ford car with 17k on the clock at 12months old and for £12500 it is a 'no brainer' compared with Audi's/VW's. You are right the torque does chew up front tyres - Pirelli P zeros are £71 plus VAT via Internet - and you do have to get used to 'shifting' a diesel to get the best in low gears. That aside it has huge overtaking potential and the grip and handling and look of the car are awesome. I'm converted.

15th Nov 2006, 16:00

I have an Oct 2005 ST-TDCi on a '55' plate saloon in performance blue. With regard to the service costs, it's just had it's first one with 9800 miles on the clock. Total price at the local Ford dealer was £199.00 all in (including a set of wiper blades). Quite reasonable I thought!

24th Feb 2007, 16:12

I am just about to get my first Mondeo ST Estate and can't wait - from your reviews it looks as though I'm in for a treat! I'll let you know how I get on.

11th Sep 2007, 17:02

My 2.2 Diesel Mondeo ST is a Sept 2005 model, in Performance Blue which looks absolutely gorgeous when clean.

The car drives so much better than my previous 2Ltr 16V Petrol 51 plate Mondeo Ghia; the performance can only be described as fantastic with ridiculous pulling power in 3rd gear or higher.

Fuel economy is fantastic at around 43MPG round town and as high as 52MPG on a good run.

My car has been 100% reliable and has currently got 25,678 miles under its belt, like previous comments, I agree that it has a appetite for front tyres, they are expensive and last about 16K miles.

Well done Ford, these are superb motor cars.


30th Nov 2007, 15:52

2 months ago I bought an 06 plate ST220 and all I can say is what a lovely car, but fuel consumption is hitting hard. Just traded in today for St 155 can't wait to get it so I can enjoy the superb drive without breaking the bank balance.

12th Feb 2008, 15:15

Got my '55 plate 2.2 st TDCi, in silver, in May '06 with 8000 miles on the clock. Auto headlights, auto wipers, heated seats, air con, climate & cruise control, electric mirrors & windows etc, parking sensors, leather interior, 6 cd autochanger, huge boot etc. etc.

I have been reading the other comments on here and agree, the car is superb, absolutely gorgeous!I am totally converted and really impressed with the handling and speed/acceleration especially mid-range, it is an absolute joy to own. My only question is how come I'm only getting 33 MPG? Also I need two new tyres, heard good things about Barum Bravuris, any comments?

Wednesday I get it re-mapped as I have heard really good comments regarding this, i.e. better fuel economy, BHP & more torque, will keep you posted.

If anyone is thinking about buying one, DO!

6th Mar 2008, 18:55

06 March 2008. 0045

Had my ST TDCi Estate just one month. Took me 14 months to find the right one. It's a 2007 07 plate, with just 3,000 miles on clock. Cost 13k, fully loaded and a pleasure to drive. In machine silver, it looks the puppies privates when it is cleaned and polished. Looks like it has just rolled off the production line. As it was built in Germany you won't get much of a BeeMer for 13k, and twice as nice to look at and drive. Keep your BeeMers.


12th Mar 2008, 08:12

I have just got myself an 05 plate 2.2 TDCI Titanium X, after much haggling for only £9250 from a Ford main dealer, what a fantastic car! Looks great with the 18" 7 spoke rims just hope the front tyres don't wear too fast. So far it's showing 46 mpg on the computer which is awesome compared with my previous 2.5 V6 Ghia X miserly 30-30 mpg. It has plenty of grunt and it's a joy to drive especially when that boost cuts in at 1800 revs. I have only had it a week so might be a bit early to make sweeping judgements, but if the enjoyment continues it will have been money well spent. Why spend all that extra on an Audi or BMW, their prices just cannot be worth it!

1st Apr 2008, 13:56

I too own a Mondeo 2.2 ST TDCI 155bhp (06 plate). I have enjoyed owning this car for the past year and a half. I bought it when it was only 6 mths old with 69 miles on the clock. It now has 10,000 miles and had to have brake disk drivers side, set of brake pads, two new tyres costing £164.00 pounds each, including it's second service total of £800.00. since then, it has been cutting out on me, losing all power (which never happened before). it's service now the car is back and too to the garage and they haven't a clue as to what is wrong. I'm now beginning to feel very frustrated and annoyed with them. Has anyone else had this problem? it would be interesting to find out if they have.

2nd Jun 2008, 07:15

I have just read one ST owners comments about his mondeo braking down and losing power. I have an 06 plate 155bhp st and am having exactly the same problems. The ford garage haven't got any idea what is wrong with it and have now called in the field engineer. This could be a common fault... lets hope not...

13th Apr 2009, 13:47

Chucks at between 1000 and 1500 revs when cold. The Ford garage have tried lots of things; ECU setting, EGR valve, injectors runs perfectly when hot. Model Mondeo ST 2.2 diesel.