27th Nov 2009, 16:42

Can anyone shed more light on the power loss and any other problems with the Mondeo 2.2 TDCI? I was going to buy Volvo V70 D5, but have now decided to go for this one. I know its good points, but need to know its weaknesses, especially those with mileage in excess of 80,000 miles.


12th Mar 2010, 13:56

My ST 2.2 TDCI suddenly started to lose power and drank diesel like it was going out of fashion.

The problem was a 1" split in the intercooler pipe, new pipe cost £42 and it's been perfect ever since.

Love this car, it's the best!


6th Oct 2010, 08:59

I own a Mondeo ST TDCI L55 06 plate.

It has 53k on the clock and has started to lose power intermittently. It happens when the glow plug light starts flashing whilst driving. If you turn the engine off then restart, it is OK again for a few miles. The strange thing is, it started doing this last year at roughly the same time of year (Oct) when it started getting colder. As soon as the summer warmer weather arrived it stopped happening. Now that the colder weather is here again, it's started happening again!

Can anyone shed any light on it? I'm thinking of changing the EGR valve as I've heard this is the possible culprit!

6th Oct 2010, 16:21

Take it into the garage to get diagnosed before you throw money at it. You might find it's something the Ford mechanic has seen before. I'd also check on the owners forums (might be worth checking X-type 2.2 TDCi owners as well, seeing as it's the same engine).

However, all that said, EGR systems are usually more trouble than they're worth, and it might make sense given the time of year factor.

26th Feb 2011, 12:31

Blank the EGR valve off. I did. You don't need it, and it gives you better performance and MPG, because the charge temp is cooler, as there is no hot exhaust gas, but your engine will take a little longer to warm up.

I got a Wingspeed decat that came with a semi blanking plate, which has a 6-8 mm hole in the middle. This may be better, because your car may trigger a dash light if you completely blank it off. Had mine mapped too with the DE cat. It's around 195hp. I've owned it over a year, and I haven't had any problems at all, and have done 12,000 miles in it.

11th Oct 2014, 07:35

I own a Mondeo ST TDCi estate. It's a late 2006 fully loaded! IE: sat nav with Bluetooth, voice control, 8 way electric full Recaro heated leather, rear audio system, etc etc. It's done 112k now and still runs like a dream!

I am a car enthusiast and have had a fair few performance cars, including a 3 door Cosworth, and a Rouse Sport Cosworth, but they are long since gone, and with a young family I wanted something economical, something with torque to pull our tourer, and something with looks and all the gizmos inside. The ST TDCi estate ticked every box!! Very happy with it! We also have a Mondeo Zetec S Estate 2.5 V6 that has been with us 6 years as it is super reliable (Mrs daily driver now), but it's not a patch on the ST diesel for power and economy!

I've had it go in limp mode like others have mentioned. I have the lucky situation that my best friend is a mechanic with his own business. A quick look with the diagnostics and found a code ending in a letter B. This means turbo body. It's just a simple case of cleaning the turbo out as the veins get sooted up with carbon, the lower front exhaust and cat, and believe it or not, spraying some Mr Muscle oven cleaner or carb cleaner etc into the turbo as far as you can get it. This helps break the carbon down and stops the problem. Do a search on YouTube for sticky turbo veins. If you have a code ending A, it's usually the turbo actuator! For those of you that have the electronic type actuator, the heat off the turbo can cause connection problems on the actuator unit and these can be re-soldered. Again, if this is your fault, do a search on Google etc or eBay as there are places out there that do the repairs.

If you have EGR problems, you can blank it off with the earlier models, but later models have the electronic EGR and it's not advised to blank these; it will leave the engine management light on!

It's actually been proven that a fully working electronic EGR lowers engine core temperature!!

The turbo intercooler hose at the front is very common to split! My dad has a Ghia X 2005 and that's had 3, 1 under warranty. I have replaced 1, but when mine split I replaced all 6 turbo hoses with silicone hoses! Only £128 for the set, but a lot stronger than standard, and will not stretch as much under load, giving better response! Not a 5 minute job to change though!

Great cars! Easy to look after!