17th Nov 2012, 13:49

Owner comment: The vehicle is still on the road, and the engine seems to be bullet proof!

Water pump replaced for the 3rd time, regular filter changes as well as oil. Both wheel bearings went at 200000km+ (a very expensive item from Germany).

The car is fairly reliable, although parts can be very expensive. Except for the lights (made in France), all parts require long waits (and patience) as they are all made in Germany.

The engine is American, and although it is very high revving for a V6 (7300 RPM), it is powerful and relatively frugal (about 8km/l on the highway).

'Moosing' has been fixed by replaced the required parts attached to the engine. After-market intake fitted, which makes an AWESOME engine note, but increases the fuel economy horribly!

15" mags exchanged for the after-market 17" mags - handling improved considerably, and the car no longer spins its wheels in the first 3 gears! Fun to drive on track days, and very rare in South Africa, as fewer than 800 were sold here.

2nd Jul 2013, 00:02

Owner Update:

283,000km and it still won't die!

Intake manifold was taken off for a clean and the engine inside looks like new.

Wheels bearings were replaced again and one of the front wheel hubs snapped - looks like wear and tear!

Every imported part (which means ALL the parts) for this car is very expensive.

2nd Jul 2013, 14:45

Hi, does your water pump have the plastic impellers? So many cars these days have them, and from what I remember, the V6 Mondeos and Ford Contours in America have the plastic impeller one. I'm just curious as to how long these last, or have you replaced it with a metal impeller unit?

19th Nov 2013, 02:11

The water pump is not that hard to take out - simply remove the battery and rubber pipes above the unit and the rest is quick. The water pump uses the plastic impellers. This unit lasts for about 60,000 km and then requires replacement (even if it still works, don't take the chance!). Tell tale signs of a failing water pump will be either water leakage or the belt will show signs of wear.