4th Oct 2005, 13:43

I had a similar problem with my Mondeo GLX TD Estate. Smoked like a chimney and had no power whatsoever. The problem turned out to be with a faulty valve on the E.G.R. vacuum line - The E.G.R. valve was constantly open effectively bypassing the turbo leading to little or no boost along with a silly amount of smoke.


5th Oct 2005, 08:26

I also had a Mondy GLX TD ('94) with 168k, and it was a really good car for the age. Usual level of smoke for a diesel and reasonable power. Broken cambelt killed it in the end (my fault for not renewing!)

Good, solid cars I'm my opinion.

17th Mar 2009, 20:15

When the first prototypes were produced with better quality suspension bushing, starters alternators cylinder-heads and disc brakes all round and only the 1.6 Aspen model was equipped with rear drum brakes. But the car's development costs were huge, over 3 billion dollars. So lots of production costs were cut, the plan for standard anti lock brakes and passenger airbag across the range was stopped. The LX was planned to have an electric sunroof and the GLX also Air-con.

But these changes were implemented late and remnants of the old spec are evident even on the last X plate 2000 cars. Wiring for illuminated door handles, rear passenger vanity lights and heated seats have been found on all models, and some GLX models have been found to be wired for adaptive damping!

I think it's a shame that Ford had to reduce the appeal of this vehicle on the basis of late cost realization. It's even sadder that some belive Ford had originally intended to galvanize the car, preventing the rusters we see today. BMW made the same mistake with the E36 3 series, and it would be delight full to be able to park a mint 93 Ghia against a rusty 320. And of course the unforgivable removal of good strong bumpers replaced with egg shells!

The Mondeo was originally intended rear wheel drive.