1991 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 from North America


The last of the affordable muscle cars


Clutch Replaced after much abuse by me. I replaced the oil pan seal during the clutch job to tidy things up a bit.

General Comments:

I still have the BMW, 733i so I have a decent benchmark to compare handling characteristics of the Mustang with.

The Mustang has a "Gritty feel" that puts you in touch with the road. Hard cornering can be exciting to say the least. If you don't know where the edge of traction is you will find out just how fast the back of the car will come around to the front and take the lead.

I used to think this car was a good handling car until the BMW. Now I know better. The Mustang is very fast and for the dollar it is a great bargain.

It will just about mash your eyeballs back in their respective sockets on a launch from standstill all the way up to speeds just over 100 without any trouble. It is a blast to drive and that is what these cars are all about.

Interior? The Interior is spartan, but who cares! It's about driving performance!

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Review Date: 29th October, 2002

1991 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 litre from North America


American high speed bullet


This car has been trouble free. I owned it for over 2 years and I only changed oil and put new tires on it. A/C did not work though.

General Comments:

Over all this car purchase was a very good one. It was a very clean Mustang with low miles. Please be advised that I paid well over the odds, but that's simply because I wanted a pristine, trouble free Stang. My 1991 car was stock, but I have owned a modified 1989 LX. That car was a nightmare and if there is any advice I can give you is that you should never buy a modified Mustang unless the owner has paperwork for the mods and work, or you know your Mustangs.

The 1991 car was in very good shape when I got it, as well as when I sold it. The only cosmetic issue I can complain about is the fact that the paint on the nose of the car was beginning to look a little different than the rest of the car. I believe it's because of poor quality paint from the factory.

The inside was very clean and everything worked besides the A/C, which I never bothered to fix. Please be advised that this car rattles a lot, especially the high mileage models, because of a rather weak frame which tends to flex a lot, in turn causing interior squeaks. I would advise you to install aftermarket frame connectors as your first modification.

The drivetrain is very strong for a stock car. It has a lot of power although the car does run out of steam once it hits 4500rpm. Revving the engine anything past 5000rpm would result in noises that were not very inspiring nor healthy sounding. Also the car would immediately start running a little hotter than usual. The gearbox is good although a little weak for the gobs of power the engine pumps out. A short shifter (in my opinion) is a must.

As for the handling; anyone telling you that this car handles well does not know what they are talking about. Period. These cars were designed in one though in mind, Drag Racing.

The front suspension is decent, but it does not have enough damping (in my opinion). The rear suspension has a solid rear axle which is simply horrible around turns, especially bumpy ones. The car tends to want to oversteer on fast or bumpy roads and understeer on slow sharp corners. Also the weight and it's distribution is also part of the problem. Overall, pushing the car on your local back road demands your full attention. You will pay the price if you don't, as many have learned.

The brakes are horrible, no other way to put it. They are weak and are good for one high speed stop. That's it. Any more abuse will have them chattering the steering wheel and pulsating the brake pedal.

Overall, the car was a pleasure to own. I have nothing but good memories. The car is fast, fairly comfy and an attention getter with guys and girls alike. I mean then was the last time someone didn't know what's a Mustang? If you crave power and like attention, but are not very big on corner craving this is it. If you care more about handling than being noticed, you might want to look elsewhere.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2002

27th Sep 2002, 21:57

I was the one that wrote this survey. I must correct myself in the fact that the car I described had a Manual transmission not an Automatic. Sorry...:)