2007 Ford Mustang Base 4.0 V6 from North America


It is trying to be something that it isn't


Thermostat broke.

Plastic thermostat housing warped and blew up.

Battery failure.

Alternator failure.

Rust hole underneath the battery tray.

Transmission issues.

General Comments:

The 4.0L Mustang is a overrated pile of crap. It has the same transmission and motor as a Ford Ranger, with a few lower quality parts.

The interior is mediocre at best. The radio is mediocre. The handling is mediocre. The reliability is less than mediocre. It is also rust prone if you live in a rainy region.

If you want a sports car, why bother? It is slow. It also does incredibly small one wheel burnouts.

Fuel economy is about 14 MPG in town and 25 MPG freeway.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2013

2007 Ford Mustang GT 4.6 SOHC 3V V8 from North America


Best value in sports car segment


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

The car is an absolute bargain for what you get, and is visually stunning.

Acceleration and braking could be better, but are more than adequate.

Unlike previous Mustangs, the handling is superb, despite the somewhat antiquated suspension setup.

Interior fit and finish are great for a car in this price range. The optional upgraded sound system performs well, and the long hood and small windows make it feel muscular and sporty, while still maintaining adequate outward visibility. Interior and exterior lighting are very good, and the HVAC system is easy to use and responsive.

The exhaust note note is medium loud, and sounds invigorating.

The back seat has limited use, thus making the car an impractical people hauler. The car does offer adequate space up front for two large adults, and is high enough off the ground to be driven on rough roads.

The car is an adequate daily driver, but not very practical for winter conditions.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2011

2007 Ford Mustang Convertible 4.0 Liter V6 from North America


Nice, thirsty, underpowered cruiser


Leaky water pump, replaced under warranty.

Some missing minor body parts, installed back under warranty.

General Comments:

One of the most beautiful designs ever. It has a very sporty look, but don't expect anything sporty from this car. It handles like a heavy mid-size sedan. The V6 Ford truck engine is just too weak for this car. Automatic transmission wants to gear up to save gas, but in city its fuel consumption is just like a V8.

It is an overall reliable car with the usual rattles of any American brand. Gets you from A to B in a very good looking coupe. That's all.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2010

27th Apr 2010, 09:35

Why did you buy this car and spend so much on it if it drives so poorly? You could have easily picked up a lightly used GT from '05 for the same money and had a complete package, instead of just the looks. Plus the mileage would probably be about the same, as the engine has enough power to efficiently move the car around, and not be downshifting so much.

To me looks are nothing without performance. You don't really see the car from the inside when you are miserable driving it around. If you are just out to impress everyone else by looking cool, then it's your loss as Mustangs are a dime a dozen nowadays, and don't really turn many heads anymore.

21st Aug 2012, 17:41

The 4.6 engine in the GT is also a truck engine.

2007 Ford Mustang V6 Pony Package 4.0 V6 from North America


I love it! The Mustang is king!


One recall - fixed very quickly.

Plastic panel on door has been loose for a while.

- The windows (which go down a touch when the door is opened, and then back up again when closed) lock up a bit in the winter time. Not to an extent where they are fully open, but just so they are not completely closed, and you can hear some wind noise.

- Front speakers are not great quality.

General Comments:

- This is my first Mustang, and I would definitely consider buying another in the future.

- Brand new this is the most bang for the buck.

- Nicely powered with very nice torque.

- Fun to drive with a manual transmission, quick, and the rear wheel drive is excellent.

- This car has been very reliable so far after 40,000 kms.

- Purchased an aftermarket muffler, which gives it a sound that makes it sound closer to a V8.

- The suspension is rough at times, it doesn't take larger bumps too well.

- Purchased winter tires for the car and it performs well in the snow.

- I love the styling of this car. The Pony Package is an excellent investment.

- I have considered getting into more fuel efficient cars over the last little while, but just could not bear losing my Mustang!

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Review Date: 26th March, 2009

26th Mar 2009, 20:29

I have a Mustang like yours. This is my 7th Mustang, and by far the best yet. My last one was a V-8, but high gas prices, high insurance and a bone-jarring ride prompted me to go for the more drivable V-6. It is great, and is a real head-turner with all the custom touches I've added (rear window and quarter window louvers, GT spoiler, hood scoop, full black-out rear treatment and black Shelby 500-style striping). I've also added a BBK cold-air induction system, which boosts the power just a little. I saved so much over the V-8 that I was able to add lots of cosmetic touches and make some minor mechanical mods.

I'm interested in what type of after-market muffler you have, as I'd like to add one to mine that would give it a better exhaust note but not be a distraction on trips. I put a Flowmaster on my 3.0 Ford truck and it made it uncomfortably loud on trips. Is yours loud inside the car with the windows up while cruising on the freeway?