2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 4.6 from North America


I hope to own it till I can give it to my kids


So far I am not thrilled with Shelby Automotive and or the dealer that I bought it from.

As I went to pick up the car, I drove 2 feet and realized one of the exhaust pipes was hitting the body of the car.

They did a small adjustment, but the pipe was bent wrong from day one, so unless they replace it this will be a problem for the entire time I owned the car.

General Comments:

I have read some other reviews. Yes the Shelby letters do fall off, but that's not their fault. Also if you use Ice Wax it will speed up that process.

I agree with comments about how sensitive the surface of the interior is. You don't want to rough this interior up at all. When I bought the car, I also had a leak in one of the oil sensors in the valve cover. Not Ford's fault. You can see from a mile away the tech at Shelby who installed the fender dropped it right on the sensor. Shelby has been the wild card in the process.

As far as the 07 Mustang GT, that was the car before Shelby did its thing, no issues. The car runs perfect. The paint job in my opinion is not as nice as my 02 by any stretch.

As it relates to performance, my only complaint is that the car does not seem any more powerful at full throttle versus half. I almost perceive that the car drops off and does not take the gas or something.

Also one more point; the car does not start well at all. Lots of false starts and sputters before the engine is running. My 02 never did that.

The 07 Shelby GT also runs rough for 2-5 seconds after it is started with a small puff of blue upon cold start, making me think one of the valve guides or valve seals is leaking. I started using Penzoil full synth, and that problem has stopped, so maybe it was the mobile one.

One thing I can say is believe it or not, when you drive this car with a mind on fuel economy, it gets better mileage than my 02. The computer has given me as many as 26-27 miles to the gallon when driving it lightly. The 02 never broke 25, but for these kinds of cars that is still amazing.

One last point off the top, the stereo sucks. No mids either all bass or all treble. The stereo in my 02 GT Premium sounds twice as nice. Like all special interest cars, you learn to live with what is given.

As long as the car runs and does not do something really stupid, I hope to never have the reason to sell it. I can pull up next to a man with a Ferrari, and they come over to me to talk about my car. I enjoy the respect one gets with the Shelby label, although the install team over there needs a better QA after the fact.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2008

23rd May 2008, 10:30

I'd take that car back to Shelby if you are seeing starting problems and the blue smoke. That's an amazing car you have, but you shouldn't be responsible for a car doing that with 3500 miles on it. Hope you enjoy the car!

11th Jun 2008, 12:46

I agree, I'd have the car checked out thoroughly and DON'T let Ford dealer service give you a runaround. Ford does have the WORST service technicians on Earth. With that said, Fords are some of the toughest, most reliable cars on the planet and you probably CAN pass the car on to your kids.

My family purchased a 1975 Ford Granada 6-cylinder automatic new in 1975. The car was driven from one end of our county to the other, and to work daily every weekday until traded (still running good) in 1993 with over 320,000 miles on it. During that 18 years the car had three brake jobs, one carburetor, one muffler and several hoses. That's it.

I'm currently driving my 7th Mustang, and none of them has ever required a single repair.

2007 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 from North America


It's a fast, fun, easy, good-looking, and hip car that is easy to scratch and ruin if not careful


* Some small parts on the doors vibrate when the sound is cranked up.

* Filling the gas tank can be a task as it tends to auto-shutoff the pump after about 5 gallons go in. It's fairly sensitive to air.

* Interior plastics scratch VERY EASILY. Dark plastic leaves white scratches and rub marks even after mild grazing or light rub. Hard to keep it "perfect".

* Low-gear shifting can sound clunky & suspension reacts harshly to it.

* Legs on tall people will rest against the parking brake.

* TCS is NOT always helpful in thick snow. It does help with the ice.

General Comments:

* It's a real head-turner

* Very powerful

* Easy to drive

* Visibility is excellent

* Stock suspension is acceptable but don't expect glue on the tires.

* TCS works well and is fairly transparent to driver except under significant conditions.

* Interior creature comforts are excellent

* Great gas mileage (getting 25 on the V8) for a vehicle of this caliber.

* There are 1000's of accessories and add-ons.

* Excellent support forms all over the internet.

* It's like joining a club.

* Driving this car in the winter, is very possible. Recommend GOOD snow tires. Driver MUST concentrate 200% during snow or ice conditions. Breaks traction easily even with TCS.

* Braking is good.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2008

3rd May 2008, 21:34

The easy-to-scratch interior (and ours also has leather seats) is the reason we don't allow our dog to ride in our Mustang. She pouted and complained, so we bought her her own car (a Pontiac Grand Am). She goes to the park in it and generously lets "Daddy" drive it. She is a very spoiled dog. She also has her own room and her own big-screen TV.