2010 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 4.6 V8 from North America


Fun, sexy and reliable


The soft top had a few tears and wear, but I was almost abusing it. The car's window goes down an inch every time you open it so that it clears the soft top, but it still touches it and wears the section. Clamps were unscrewing themselves and I had to unmount them to tighten them up twice, but in the end it was always loose and the car made some noise on the road.

Integrated torso support in the driver's seat stopped working.

General Comments:

The build quality of this car is really surprising. This car is really reliable, powerful, and fun to drive. I drove it in winter and in snowstorms. Clearly it's not an SUV, but you can manage around. And the sound... wow.

My biggest problem with the car is that I bought it new in 2010 with the new chassis, only to get frustrated by Ford that kept the chassis but integrated the 5.0 and the 300 HP V6 the year after. If I would've bought the car in 2011, I would still have it.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2014

2010 Ford Mustang Base V-6 4.0 V6 from North America


A little disappointed


First off, I haven't bought the car yet. My current Mustang is 3 years old, and with the economy improving I'm looking at trading for another sporty vehicle of some sort. Based on my previous experience with Fords, all were extremely reliable. The 4.0 V-6 is an incredibly durable and well-built engine.

General Comments:

My first impression was "What was Ford THINKING!!" The new styling is as ugly as sin compared to the beautiful retro look of the 2005-2009 models. It no longer has a retro look outside OR inside. It is a mish-mash of curves and angles that are a far cry from the gorgeous 1969-70 Mustangs that the 2005-2009's were based on. In addition, Ford has dropped all sporty colors for the Mustang except basic red. It's either red or something Grandma would choose. I could live with red, but I hate being limited to only one color choice.

In all fairness the interior is nicer and higher quality than the previous models, but has sacrificed the retro look almost totally. The seats are comfortable, amply adjustable and, as with all pony-cars, the rear seat is suitable only for children.

I found the ride and handling little changed from my 2007. In other words, see your dentist after driving. Your fillings will likely need replacing. The cornering, if anything, felt slightly LESS stable than my 2007, but that could be attributed to the tires. Why Ford can't build these cars with a decent-riding suspension option for people who don't race (99.999% of all buyers) is beyond me.

The 4.0 V-6 provides far more than ample performance, contrary to car-nut magazine reviews, and is more than the average driver will ever dream of using in real life. In day-to-day driving you'll find yourself running up the tail-pipes of everything on the freeway entry ramps with the V-6, so why waste money on insurance, gas and unusable V-8 power?? The 4.0 is a bit coarse, and the new Fusion-based V-6 coming out in the 2011 will be a bit smoother and have even more (totally unusable) horsepower.

All-in-all, I'm disappointed. I will test drive the Camaro (also not very true to the retro look) and the Dodge Challenger (a drop-dead gorgeous, true retro style winner). Two of my former Mustang-owning friends have already traded for 2010 Challengers and are happy with their choices. I love Fords, and Ford is currently building some of the best cars on the planet. I'm just terribly disappointed to see them throw the retro look out the window and eliminate all the sporty colors.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2010

31st Mar 2010, 09:30

First off, we have heard all of this time and again. Why bother with cars like Mustangs and Camaros if you can't get past the sports car ride and "unusable" horsepower? Stick to the four banger Fusion.

I have driven the 2010 GT and it is far from bone jarring. In fact it is the smoothest, tightest, quietest Mustang to date, and I found it hard to believe that they are still using a live axle rear end, as the handling was amazing.

I also don't get your gripes on the interior. I find it very similar to the last generation, only better in quality of materials and overall feel. Maybe you miss the retro feel of a cheapo Ford interior?

As far as "unusable" horsepower. You are obviously in the minority on this issue, as every car out there continually gets a bump in hp with every new design. Even the Prius got an increase. To me, 305 hp AND 30 mpg is a pretty good combo. The Camaro also has 306 hp, but you'll happily look at that car and the Challenger has 250 as well. The new V-6 will be so much better in the Mustang that your '07 will be worthless. No one will want to settle for that old coarse running Explorer engine once the new one is the standard...

You seem to want the looks only, but that has really never been an option on a Mustang. Even the older Fox body gave you a hard riding GT/ LX 5.0 or a Tempo like riding 4 cylinder, which in reality was the worst thing I have ever driven. These cars are meant to be sporty cars, nothing more and nothing less.

They might use a 4 cylinder again in the Mustang, but it will more than likely be an Ecoboost turbo that gets the same or worse mileage than a V-6. Also that engine would more than likely be in the 250+ hp range, so it wouldn't fit your ideal range. I am not a street racer by any means, and I really never was even in the Fox days, but I will always prefer the sound and feel of the GT over any other Mustang. It is a true ponycar experience.

If I was going to complain about insurance and gas prices, I wouldn't even be interested in this type of car. Insurance for me is a negligible difference, and the V-8 Mustangs are only a few mpg off of the V-6 levels if you drive civilized. Yes, the V-6 has enough power for daily driving, but you are totally missing the rest of the package of sound and handling. Contrary to popular belief, a Mustang GT is not just a V-8 and badges on the fenders... not even close.