2010 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible 4.0 V6 from North America


Looks better than the 90's version and handles better - but if I buy it would be a V8


Auto shifter would not locate Park all the time - therefore would not start back up as the car would be in reverse. Only way to start car would be to manually rock the car back and forth from the outside and get someone else to start it.

Rubber seal slightly loose around passenger window (convertible).

General Comments:

This was a hire car from Hertz, and apart from the above mentioned the car was a joy to drive for two weeks. The handling and performance for a 4.0L V6 was good. Only once did I notice the back end slightly twitch on hard cornering - but generally very planted.

My comparison would be to a '99 Z28 I owned - which of course had better performance, but not that much worse fuel economy. Handling wise the Mustang I have to say was probably better.

If you do buy the V6 though - upgrading the brakes are a must. Although they feel firm, they don't brake as well as you would expect from a pony car.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2009

7th Dec 2009, 14:20

"Only way to start car would be to manually rock the car back and forth from the outside and get someone else to start it."

That's great on a new car!! I'd be looking at a Toyota if I had to rock my Mustang back and forth with someone else to get it to start every day!!

2010 Ford Mustang GT Coupe 4.6 V8 from North America


I'm in Love!


It's still new, nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

I believe I have finally purchased a Mustang that is comfortable, and looks good inside and out. Performance is outstanding to say the least. Outside of the new V8 Camaro and Charger R/T and SRT, you won't find V8 powered cars this quick for anywhere near this price. The V8 Camaro of the same year has almost always been faster (and this is true today), but I always preferred the style of the Mustang.

I collect Mustangs. I own a '65 6-cylinder coupe, a '69 428 Cobra Jet, a 1969 Boss 302, a 1971 Boss 351, a 1986 GT Coupe, and a 1990 Convertible. This 201 will never demand the collector value of the Boss and Cobra- Jet models, but it may just be my favorite one yet.

Handling and ride is amazing, the Mustang has really come a long way in the past 10 years. No more jackhammer, teeth rattling, hanging on for dear life over every bump. Only the bumpiest harsh roads seem to upset it. It is a sports car, after all.

I test rove a V6 version, and I must say the car is fairly quick too. After riding in a GT I just couldn't resist. Except for city driving the V8 gets close to the same fuel mileage on the highway as the V6.

I liked the previous body style (2005-2009), but the interior just looked too cheap, gimmicky and chintzy for me. The newest body style seems to have added just the right touches to make the car look modern yet retain that bygone era of Musclecar flair. The rear seats are still cramped and useless. Some things never change.

Essentially this is the same car as the 2005, with different sheet metal, a slightly different interior and a few more horsies under the hood.

Fuel mileage is pretty good on the highway. I've averaged anywhere from 22 to 26 MPG, and the car is barely broken in yet. City mileage, unfortunately the majority of my driving, is maybe 16/17 at best. V8's are simply no good for driving around town, but I'm still smiling from ear to ear showing it off.

I do wish Ford offered a 6-speed in the GT, with a tall 6th gear. I bet my MPG's would soar. All of my previous V8 Mustangs have achieved amazingly good highway fuel economy, even my 1986 and 1990 GT's got close to 28 MPG highway at times. I boycotted the 1994 to 1998 Models, I wouldn't be seen in a car that looked to much like a Probe.

I wish that some cheap, modest performance upgrades were offered from the factory, like the Mach 1 from 2002 to 2003. If I were to spend over $45,000 on a car, I would opt for a Mercedes or Audi, not a Shelby or Barret-Jackson.

Also Ford, enough with the fake hood scoops and side scoops. If it's on a car, make it functional or don't bother. I would love to see a new Mustang GT with a Shaker Scoop.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2009

20th Aug 2009, 13:14

"The V8 Camaro of the same year has almost always been faster (and this is true today), but I always preferred the style of the Mustang."

Only from 1993 up was the Camaro faster with the LT1 and LS1 engines, however the Mustang still outsold it 3 to 1. Funny thing about the current cars is the Mustang makes it to 60 in .1 seconds less than the Camaro... (4.9 vs. 4.8 seconds) which is pretty amazing since it is 111 hp less!! The Camaro is much heavier and bulkier and it is going to be really pricey with the SS package on it. The Mustang is still and always will be the best bang for the buck. I got quoted $28,300 for a 2010 GT premium so they even deal good on them compared to the inflated dealer mark-up prices on the Camaros. You are right about the drive though... best Mustang I have ever driven easily! Really hard to believe it is riding on a live axle when you drive it.